We gain awareness when we are intentional to look.

Our study began noting that we desire to be more aware.

  • Aware of God working all around us.
    Aware of the goodness of God.
    Aware of the blessings from God.

I’m reminded of times in high school when different organizations strived to help bring “awareness” to something. Their goal was to help others become aware and gain knowledge and understanding of something that would help them in a positive way.

Gaining an acute awareness of God will affect our lives in a positive way!

So often we become stuck in cycles of discontent, complaint, and even depression because we focus more on our circumstances than on how God can work through our circumstances.

In Everyday Thanksgiving, Jana Kennedy-Spicer says,

“Biblical thanksgiving is not based on our circumstances, it is in spite of our circumstances.”


The apostle Paul is a good example.
While imprisoned, Paul rejoiced (Acts 16:25). He was falsely accused, beaten and thrown in jail. His response makes huge impression:

He prayed and sang hymns to God!

His heart attitude was one of gratitude despite his circumstances.

Discontentment can imprison us.
Complaint can constrain us.

Paul was aware of the goodness of God and did not lose focus on this even in the seemingly impossible.

Today our challenge is to count blessings. But first, challenge yourself to go deep. Are you currently burdened? Perhaps you even find yourself in a situation like Paul that appears impossible.

Intentionally look for God.
Then pray and sing. Rejoice!

If you are not in a hard place, reflect on a time that was challenging. How did God work in that situation? Praise Him for what you see today.

An intentional focus of gratitude helps destroy an ugly attitude of complaint.

Forgive us when we become stuck in an attitude of complaint. Help us see beyond our circumstances. When we face the hard let praises and hymns of thanksgiving fill our lips.

Blessings~ Jodie

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