Week 7!


Fitness and Nutrition:

    Set goals… Okay – so maybe this should have been one of our FIRST challenges; but, here it is Smile
    Setting goals can be one of the best motivators.  Think about where you were two months ago, before starting the Keeping it Real Challenges.
Think about where you would like to be one year from now.
Break those goals up into smaller, attainable, three-month goals and go for it!
What are your fitness goals?  To run one mile without stopping?  To walk five miles without stopping? To be able to do 100 crunches? 200 crunches?
What are your nutrition goals?  To crave water?  To NOT crave sweets?  To cut out sodas or sweet tea?  Eat less fast food? To eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day without even having to “plan” it… it just comes naturally? Small changes can make a HUGE difference. Cutting out soda and sweet tea can help you lose 10-15 pounds over a years time. That is just one small change with big impact!
Set your goals, write them down, pray over them and DO IT!  God has created us to be fit for His glory – to be healthy for the Kingdom!  When we feel good, we are better able to share His love and hope with others – Let’s do this!
Put the scriptures into prayer each day!
When you read scripture this week insert your name and the names of others you are praying for and see the scriptures come alive in your prayer life!
Leave a comment this week and tell us one goal you set! We would love to cheer you on and prayer for you and the goals you are striving to achieve! We would love to insert your name into a prayer just for you and your goals!

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