We are linking with Suzie Eller and other beautiful ladies for Live Free Thursday! http://tsuzanneeller.com/

We are linking with Suzie Eller and other beautiful ladies for Live Free Thursday! http://tsuzanneeller.com/

Why worry?
That’s the question Suzie Eller brought up this week and all the #livefree girls will be discussing around the table! So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade and join us awhile!
Why worry? 
Perhaps your question is why not worry?
 “Do not fret—it only causes harm” Psalm 37:8b NKJV
Right there in the second part of Psalm 37:8 is the best compact answer I have!
Why not fret? Why not Worry?
It only causes harm! Simple as that!
It’s a great answer. It’s very simply put.
It’s as great as the little mantra I stuck in my Faithfully Fit Challenge one week, 4 years ago…
Worry is wasteful, Prayer is powerful!
worry is wasteful
Both the verse and my mantra are great!
So, I never worry! Right?
Look at this list I found written shortly after my husband re-enlisted in the military:
  1. I wonder how I will stay up late enough to tuck the children in every night.
  2. How I will respond to them when they continually override my authority and I can’t ask you to back me up.
  3. What to do when I don’t know the right answer to a question?
  4. How I will get them to all the places they need/want to go while I am working.
  5. How I will keep the grass cut.
  6. How I will keep up the chores.
  7.  How I will keep the meals done without growing tired and being irritable.
  8. How I will sleep at night with no one beside me and that compounds the problem, because if I don’t sleep, I get cranky!!!!

One thing created a list of 8 worries! And girls, I bet my list was longer! That was four years ago and while my husband is currently on duty, I can say I know there were more than 8 worries. Those were the worries just related to my ability to be a single mom while He was away. It didn’t encompass all the worries that came with running our family business. WOW! It’s a wonder I still have hair! Worry robs us of living freely. Worry causes harm. Physical, mental, emotional harm. Worry has the ability to rob us of peace and joy.

That list was the beginning of a journey. A journey that led me to God’s word for me.

Jodie, worry is wasteful.

  • Prayer is powerful.
  • Prayer is purposeful.
  • Prayer is productive.

Let’s produce power! Let’s become prayer warriors instead of worriers.

why worry

Four years ago in the month of April I issued a challenge and today I will issue it again!

Consider what your worries are today. Focus just on one thing. Now write it down on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half. On the outside of the paper write Prayer is powerful, worry is wasteful. For the next 7 days take time to prayer about whatever is on your paper. Pray with great expectation that the Lord can handle your worry….because HE CAN! Add to your prayer 7 days of reading Luke 12:22-34.
I pray the combination of the two will have great results in your life!
Thank you Suzie for gathering us around the table and leading the way! It’s so good to #livefree with each of you!

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