Do you ever wonder if anyone understands what you are going through?
Do you ever stop and take a look around and feel overwhelmed by your circumstance?
Alone in your struggles?
I admit there are times when I have. Even on days when I am just overwhelmed with simple things I catch myself thinking, “does anyone understand?”

The more I get to know Jesus the more confident I am that He understands, and not just that, He comes and meets me where I am. He understands when I am overwhelmed, when I am depressed, when I am upset. He understand when I struggle with sin. And He meets me where I am.
He is there for you too. He understands you too. And He will go out of His way to meet you where you are!
This week in Faithfully Fit we have been studying the Samaritan woman.
The women at the well. (John 4:1-26)
In the heat of the day a woman walks to the well to fetch water. She is alone. She is doing this chore at a time of the day that others do not. Most likely because she does not want to be ridiculed.
Perhaps she wonders if anyone understands.
As she approaches the well she sees a man and He asks for a drink of water. We know that this is no ordinary man and she will learn who He is before the encounter ends. But at first she is unaware that this is Jesus. Jesus, who will be her Lord and Savior. And He did not just happen by, he came to meet her where she was. He went to this well not for physical water as all others who would come to the well. He had to go. He had to go to meet this one woman where she was. He understands. He understands and He meets us where we are.
The scripture says, “Now he had to go through Samaria” (John 4:4).
That is the Jesus I know. The Jesus that had to come when I needed Him. The One who came to take my place on the cross. The One who understands and who is with me always.
Is that the Jesus you know? Are you His? Do you walk with Him day by day? Or are your still searching and wondering if anyone understands?
If you are at the well, thirsty and alone, He will meet you there and He understands.
If you are buried under past regret because of sin, He will meet you there and He offers grace.
If you are overwhelmed with illness, debt, loss and pain, He will come to where you are and He understands and offers ALL of Himself to you.
That little verse, John 4:4, speaks volumes. He HAD to go. You see He is here for all of us, one by one, He comes where we are to offer us love and life. He understands. He understands pain, He understands struggle, He understands loss.
The Samaritan woman was thirsty for someone to understand. And Jesus said, “whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” ( John 4: 14) She accepted that drink. Will you?

Let’s pray together. Lord, Often we are overwhelmed and long for someone to understand. Help us to trust that you are there, meeting us right where we are. Quench our thirst, hold us tight. Thank you for coming to us in our time of need and for being ALL we need. Amen

Spending time at the well ~ Jodie

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