Live, Love, Laugh and Luggage?

A special devotion time designed to encourage women to:

  • Live freely with God’s guidance!
  • Love deeply as God instructs!
  • Laugh loudly because we are blessed!

Jodie unpacks the luggage of her childhood, adolescent and teenage years opening up about overcoming the trials of living in a broken home; sharing that discovering the truth of God’s Word helped her discover how to live freely everyday with Christ, while Donna weaves in songs of longing for a home and embracing God’s love.


All Beautiful You Are!

Expanding from the verse “All beautiful you are, my darling. There is no flaw in you” (Song of Solomon 4:7), women are encouraged to:

  • Turn away from the mirror the world offers!
  • Look directly to the truth of God’s Word to see their beauty!
  • Overcome the comparison trap!

Women across the world are struggling everyday with living up to the appearance expectations they see in the media. Daily comparisons of ourselves to the media images we see are leading to the enormous struggle and internal conflict created by the inability to see oneself as the beautiful woman God knitted together.  Jodie speaks of turning away from the world’s mirror and accepting God’s word as our mirror, while Donna’s musical gifts speak to the heart of each woman encouraging them to see themselves as ALL beautiful.




Answering questions such as, “How do I hear God’s voice?”, “Why am I so empty?”, “Where do I find joy?”, Overflowing is designed to:

  • Leave women filled with all their “cup” needs and even more to pour out into the lives of others!
  • Encourage women to let Jesus take over their hearts, minds and lives!
  • Challenge women to stay deep in God’s Word daily!

Powered by the truth found in Ephesians 3:20-21 and Hebrews 13:8, Jodie unfolds a journey that started with searching for fulfillment in the ways of the world and the temporary things that God instructs us to avoid. Through song, Donna pours out joy and love into the hearts of women seeking to be filled with God’s promises.


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