It was an unlikely gathering.

Unlikely because normally time would not allow.
But on this day time opened wide.

Unlikely because normally I would stress about dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.
But on this occasion God prompted me to follow His lead.

So while I snipped the basil off I said, “Ok God, you lead, I’ll follow”.


I sent a few texts out.
One to a friend who I knew loves my Tomato Basil Summer Salad (which did not even have that name until after this unlikely occasion occurred)! A warm response of excitement was received. Really? Yes, Really!
I would like to make you a salad!
And then God prompted again. “You know another friend who is home alone this evening. Why not invite her to come over and share my bounty that I have sent as a blessing”. So I sent another text and extended an invite. And God said, “Why stop there? Take my lead and see who will come if you just extend an invitation. I have opened the time, provided all you need, just open your heart and your home”. So I continued to share invitations, to a neighbor, to a friend I have not seen all summer, and then to our entire morning Faithfully Fit class that just happened to be filled with new faces on this particular morning.
You want to talk about unlikely! It was the first summer morning class I had been able to attend. All summer long family matters and work issues and vacations have interfered with me seeing the sweet girls during morning class. But on this morning I was able! I will willing, ready and able. And so with a little hesitation (only because the “have to be in control of the details” person inside me was creeping out) I sounded out the invitation for anyone who would like to come! Come to my house and lets do some cooking! And all afternoon as God would place someone on my mind I would trust and respond.
And two minutes before six the doorbell rang for the first time. And then we began to gather.

And my kitchen began to fill with laughter and the wonderful aroma of food and God’s blessings!
I gained a true respect that evening for women like Rhee Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman, who show others to cook, photograph each step and clearly explain the process. It’s a ton of work! (I highly recommend her cooking blog, cookbook, TV show and recipes as they are easy to follow and tasty!)
This little group of friends, some new, some old, joined hands in my kitchen for prayer and God said, “Thank you for following”.
We chopped. We told stories. We sautéed. We laughed. We learned. We shared life.

When the evening came to a close we all prepared to go our separate ways and they wanted to clean my kitchen. I said it’s Ok! Because really, it was. On this day, in that place, all was well. It was an unlikely evening. But God cleared the way, arranged the timing, prompted those who He needed to gather and all was well! His blessing were bountiful!
This is the day the Lord has made, Rejoice and be glad in it!

Now I’m no TV cooking star, and though I have a recipe or two in a church cookbook, I am not a cookbook author. But I am a girl who likes to turn on the stovetop and stir up some madness! And I am a girl who loves Jesus. So from this point forward, when the unlikely happens again, I will be calling, texting, posting, inviting and I hope you will say yes! You just never know what the Lord will cook up when He’s in your heart and you let Him into your kitchen!
~ Jodie

 Tomato Basil Summer Salad

Fresh vine ripened tomatoes ~ your choice of type: cherry, heirloom, roma
Olive Oil (tasting/finishing oil)
15 Basil Leaves ~ cut using a chiffonade technique (into long, thin strips)

Quarter or slice your tomatoes. Drizzle and toss with olive oil. Season with salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Finish by sprinkling basil on top. Enjoy all summer long while the tomatoes are fresh! It’s just not the same when you can not get “real” tomatoes.


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