Standing there looking in the mirror it dawned on me.

Well, really, the Spirit was speaking to me.

“Jodie, you’re getting ready for the your day. Are you putting on all the right stuff?”

Deodorant for when I sweat. Check!

Blush to perk up my cheeks. Check!

Hairspray to hold that curl. Check!

My new bgood studios necklace to remind me of Jesus. Check!

Earrings…oh, I need earrings to complete this look.

“No, Jodie. Are you really ready to face this day with that stuff?”

And I looked in the mirror and remembered some of the things that I’m facing. A busy day of juggling work, ministry, parenting, planning, volunteering, not to mention there’s no milk in the house. WOW. The right earrings are not going to help with that hearty checklist.

“Remember those verses you read this morning, Jodie?”

Me: Yes! Yes! I do. I’m to pray and be alert (Ephesians 6:18)!

“Yes, But do you remember what you noticed before that verse?”

Me: You mean that word that popped off the page?


Me: Full?


“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11 

Standing there in the mirror, it dawned on me. All that I was doing to get ready for the world was fine, but I needed to make sure that I put on the FULL armor of God. Every. Last. Piece.

The FULL armor of God. “Full” had popped off the page and I realized that I was putting on some of the tools God had provided, but not all of the tools. Mainly, I was laying down my shield of faith. I was doubting the goodness of God. (Ouch, that hurts to type those words.)

Just last week I shared with a friend that I was terribly tired. There was so much going on in my world and it would be easy to think I meant physically tired. But I was actually tired emotionally and spiritually. It seemed that everything and everyone I cared for was in turmoil. I would pray for one burden only to be notified of another. It felt like this life, this present state of affairs, was just too hard. And I was tired. And when I received a call about yet another tragedy I found myself doubting.

I was doubting and Satan was excited. Frankly, because He knew that my doubt made me weak. My shield was somewhere in the closet! I was trying to carry all the burdens of my friends and family in my own strength. I was taking in each burden presented to me from others and holding them in my heart, carrying them on my shoulders. But not just that. I was in a season of doubting God’s goodness.

Doubting God’s goodness blinds us of His faithfulness!

“Pick up your shield of faith.”

Me: I’ve got it! Here it is!

Through the beautiful message of our annual women’s conference, Godly counsel, and wise words from praying friends, my outfit is back to full! Those burdens are where they belong, with my faithful God! My shield is out of the closet and back where it belongs!

I’ve got the right stuff to face the world!

Girls, there is a battle in this world. But God generously provides the complete set of tools we need to triumph! Cast all your cares on Him and pick up every last piece of armor He offers!

Let’s be women fully dressed for battle!

fully dressed

~ Jodie







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