There, right where I was laying, on the floor. He arrived.
Right there on the floor after a wonderful stretching class.
To the left and the right lay sweet sisters in Christ.
The lights were dim to almost dark. The music softly playing.
And there I laid and felt the presence of the Lord.

Just before we took that flat laying position I said, “I like to use this time to pray”.
Tonight, God was near. A
And the prayers of my heart, the hopes and the fears, poured out to my Lord faster and stronger than I could control.
He was present.
He was near.
He was listening.
For a moment I worried that I would disturb a neighbor, but I could hold back. The words of my heart were bursting forth.

God has shown me so many things in prayer.
He has lifted me, He is mended me.
He has hid me beneath His wings.

Years ago, I was also on the floor. The floor of my son’s room.
Eight months pregnant and sobbing on the bedroom floor as my son slept quietly in his warm bed on a cold winter night in January. I had just stepped in his room to make the final check before turning into bed myself and had the overwhelming need to pray.
On bended knees, with tears and requests for safe-keeping of my son.
I thought the stress of the Christmas season, the hormones of a pregnant body had driven me to a breaking point. Later that evening our smoke detectors screeched, there was a fire in the den.
My small blond headed boy sat right in the middle of his bed, unafraid, unalarmed as we entered and scooped him up to carry him out.
I felt the presence of the Lord.

The Bible says to pray without ceasing.
The Bible says the Lord hears our prayers.
The Bible says God answers prayer.
I believe prayer is powerful. I trust God hears. I trust He answers.
Last night as I laid on the floor, sisters to the left, sisters to the right.
Lights dim.
Music light.
I felt the presence of the Lord.
My prayers flowed strong, fast and furious and now without a doubt I am certain the Lord meets us in our prayers.
If you have felt a gap between you and the cross I encourage to simply ask God to draw you near.
He will meet you where you are, even on the floor of an exercise class.

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