Day 1: Praying Brave with a Yes Heart

Come in and let’s prepare to pray brave prayers with a “yes heart”.
We could write a book on the first day and share everything that God has placed on our hearts, but that just isn’t practical.

However, we do need a starting place.
Naturally, we will start with a brave prayer.

Yes, Lord.
Yes, Lord, yes.

Brave prayers begin and end with “Yes, Lord.”


Let’s be women who look fear in the face and say yes to God even when we are unsure of what He will ask of us. Let’s be women who come to Him with a “yes heart”.
What is a “yes heart”?

A yes heart:
~Seeks God
~Desires God
~Listens to God
~Surrenders to God

Our first assignment: Pray this brave prayer: “Yes, Lord.”

The chorus of a familiar song comes to mind and expands on the meaning:
I’ll say yes, Lord, yes
To your will and to your way
I’ll say yes, Lord, yes
I will trust you and obey
When your Spirit speaks to me
With my whole heart I’ll agree
And my answer will be yes, Lord, yes

Are you ready to pray brave prayers with a yes heart?

We know that this takes girls filled with faith that look fear in the face and say, my faith is bigger than my fear. We even know that when we step out brave for God there is an enemy that will attack. But girls, our God is greater! We will talk about the enemy tomorrow and share just what to say to him. Until then, we are praying that you will be brave, standing shoulder to shoulder, with hearts saying yes.

Today as you pray consider these scriptures: Psalm 119:10; Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 5:3; Philippians 1:21

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