We are not alone

In our struggles.

In our fears.

In our emptiness.

But we put on brave faces and badges of honor and run races that leave us breathless and depleted all in the name of what?

To be strong? To be well put together? To be someone’s everything? To conquer the world? To be responsible? To be better? To be perfect?

And the list goes on and on.

Girls. We were never meant to do it all. Much less to do it all alone. We were not built to run to the top of the mountain carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and announce victory with a smile and lipstick perfectly placed!

We think our husbands need us to have the whole house together. We think our children need perfectly baked cookies tagged with perfectly shaped ribbons and bows. We think our friends need us to fix every problem and attend every event. We think our jobs will fall apart without us. We think the world will cave if we don’t stand firm and hold it up above us.

And it only leads to an empty, scary place.

I’ve been there. And it’s dark. It’s frightening. And you think you are alone and let me speak up and just say,


You are not alone in the race to place. You are not alone in the struggle to maintain. You are not alone even though you feel like are. And worse yet, when all the walls start closing in the pressures start squeezing so tight you can’t breathe and you find yourself screaming I want to be alone…you really don’t and you are not.

Empty hearts are calling out all around you. Exhausted girls with outward smiles are bouncing by but inside lies frazzled ends  that have become twisted into knots that are squeezing the hope right out of our very best friends.

Will you do something with me today? Will you breathe long and hard in the arms of Christ? Will you let go of every expectation you have placed on yourself or that you think someone else is placing upon you and reach out for the arms of Christ.

Reach with desperation and find the strength in the arms of a loving Jesus. Jesus. Jesus just wants his children to come and linger. His Father is holding the world up. Not us. He is providing and protecting. Not us.

Jesus is with you, for you, and wants to be your everything!

Will you do something with me today? Will you reach out to someone and say, I need help? Just say to someone I’m drowning and I need to let you know. I think we will find that we are not alone in our struggles; not alone in our fear; not alone in our emptiness.

Let’s partner together and take empty hearts to the One who fills, cleanses and makes us beautiful!


Jesus makes an empty heart full; a sinful heart white as snow! Jesus makes your heart beautiful when you ask Him to come in!

Girls, we are not alone. Embrace one another and run to Jesus together!

From one perfectly imperfect heart to another, Jodie

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