Every year our extended family takes time to gather and visit with one another. I always look forward to our family stew, wonderful conversation, hugs, and great food. This time it would be different, though, it would be the first I would attend after my son was killed.

Family members greeted me and reassured me they were still praying for our broken hearts. We were so appreciative and trusted God was using their prayers to comfort and strengthen us. I asked a close cousin how his family was doing. He had children and grandchildren, and after he updated me on specifics about several of them, he said, “All are well, we are blessed.” His words stung, but I didn’t let on.

The day went on as planned and just as I suspected the conversation, hugs and food were a delight. Later, when I walked into our home and saw the sign hanging above my desk, my heart sank. More than that, I could feel myself getting angry. The word blessed was staring me in the face and I could not help but remember my family member’s words and ask, “Am I not blessed?”

My son was killed. I would never share time with him again. We were hurting deeply.

I knew the answer to my question was certainly, “YES.” I was blessed with joy despite my circumstances. The joy of the Lord had remained my song and my strength. I was blessed with peace that could only be explained by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I was blessed by the Lord, but I wanted to rip the sign from my kitchen wall none the less.

Several months later this sign was moved but not removed. I hung it above the fireplace as a decoration for my daughter’s baby shower. As I straightened it just so, my thoughts would not leave me as I pondered, “What does it mean to be blessed by God?” I was so intrigued, that I began asking friends for their thoughts and wondered if they would be interested in studying God’s word with me to see what the Bible revealed about being blessed by God.

Time passed, summer came, and a random conversation with a Pastor at our church led me to ask him this question. He answered, “Have you read Psalm 32? Check it out.” So, I did. Psalm 32:1 read, “Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered,” I knew. Yes, I am blessed and so is every believer! God’s blessings differ from the worlds and outlast this world.


We are blessed to be forgiven and blessed to be promised eternal life through Jesus.

As I continued to read the Psalm, I discovered that we are

  • blessed to have God as our refuge (32:6-7)
  • given the blessing of God’s instruction (32:8-9)
  • blessed to receive God’s joy (32:10-11)

Like many words, blessed, is a word that we now toss around like confetti and associate with good times, good feelings, and worldly success.

Anyone else have home décor like mine? Blessed, bless your heart, bless this mess. I needed a heart check and Psalm 32 assisted me. As my friend and ministry partner, Donna, often reminds me, often the things we know in our head need to drop 12 inches to our heart.

My blessed sign has been returned to hang over my desk. I trust that I am indeed, blessed by God. I still want to gain more Godly wisdom on the topic. Do you? “Blessed” is woven throughout the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. God has blessed His people and calls His people to be a blessing. Join us this month and search His word, verse by verse. Let’s discover more about Blessed together. We have gathered several beautiful women to share their thoughts about the scriptures and their personal experiences. Throughout March we will share their blog posts with you, here on the blog. We asked writers to consider these questions:

·What does God’s Word say about “blessed”?

· Am I blessed? (eyes of world vs truth of God’s word)

· Is there a difference between being blessed and blessings?

· Do we, as believers, bless God? How?

· How can we be a blessing to others? 

You may want to ask yourself these questions as you study the scripture list in our printable journal during your quiet time.

Three things you can do for this self guided, verse by verse study: 

  1. Begin preparing your heart with prayer and scripture. Read Psalm 32 and commit to read it once a day, each day for a week. Journal your thoughts and prayers.
  2. Download our free printable journal here >>>> Blessed Journal
  3. Use the following links to access the ten devotionals for this study:

When You Feel Less Than Blessed

Rooted and Blessed

Unwrapping The Gift of Rest

Jesus Rules!

Nourished and Blessed

Giving Up To Gain

The Blessing of Being Poor

Beyond the Ashes

Unexpected Blessings

Blessed Obedience

We pray you grow closer to the Lord during your time in this study.

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