Shopping with my daughter. I think I have been doing it since she was born. Even before then if you count the time she went along for the ride in my tummy. This weekend was a special weekend as my daughter and I headed to a cheer competition for some “girl-time”. Hubby was away at what I call “duty”(Army National Guard training to some); my son was playing golf with his grandfather; and my daughter and I jumped in “her” car to go off for the weekend. And because it was just us girls there was a little shopping to be done. And I confess, some eating too.

As we shopped the stores there was a trend emerging. My daughter was gravitating to the swim suits. Ok, it is March…Spring. And we are dreaming of warmer, sunny days with blue skies and sunshine. But I was not in the mood to try on swim suits yet. And then it came. That moment when your daughter says something and all you can do is lower your head and say, “yes, you are right.” As I stood there thumbing through the rows of beautiful swim suits, feeling less than beautiful myself, my daughter says, “All beautiful you are, my darling”. Oh those beautiful words of Song of Solomon. I know them very well and it was me who taught them to my daughter. I taught them to her and shared them with many women at last years women’s conference and I had to agree with her. I knew she was right! The Word is truth, all of it, and I knew that my behavior was not showing my trust in what the Lord sees.
As I spend time preparing for this years conference and spring session of Faithfull Fit I look forward to all the truth that I will learn in God’s Word. I look forward to learning. I look forward to sharing. I look forward to living what I learn and what I share. I look forward to more Mother-Daughter moments when my daughter reminds me of God’s truth. I pray that I demonstrate my trust in His Word.
In closing I want to share a challenge I issued a year ago to the ladies of Faithfully Fit:
“All beautiful you are, my dear. There is no flaw in you”(Song of Sol 4:7).

Insert your name in that verse. I dare you. Come on …it’s for each one of us. Let it whisper to your heart. All beautiful you are, Donna, Heather, Judy, Connie, Rhonda, Lisa, Jenny, Michele, and your name and your name. When you see yourself as I see you, you are beautiful says the Lord.
This spring, as you spend time with your daughters, your friends, your family, let them see that you trust the truth of the Word by living in that truth! I learned so much last spring and I look forward to learning more this spring. Join us in studying God’s Word…we are always here and it is always FREE to join us at Faithfully Fit. Speaking of FREE, well, that just happens to be the name of Spring Session 2014! Join us to learn why!

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