Today, our very own, Donna Fender, is leading the way. We will continue our time exploring the Beatitudes and learn a little about how God’s math differs from the world’s.

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Growing up on the farm was hard and visiting her neighbor was always a treat even though her friend rarely shared the chocolate that seemed in abundance.

Chocolate only came at Christmas in her house, and it was only one small piece at that.

All her clothing was handmade while her friend had store bought dresses that she could only dream of having.

Her friend’s dad would get angry and yell at her. Her friend’s mother did not spend time with her teaching things like how to cook or how to can the vegetables from the garden. So, while in her young eyes store bought items seemed to be a blessing; in another’s reality, being “poor” was the blessing.

The literal meaning of the word blessed is “happy, fortunate, blissful.” While chocolate and store-bought items made one girl happy, it saddened the heart of another. And while relationship and time with family made one girl happy, it was lacking in the heart of another. Ultimately the blessings were only dependent upon circumstances.

So, we park on one of the questions that led us here…What exactly does it mean to be BLESSED? We’ve explored Psalm 32 and many other scriptures over the past two weeks, adding to our own personal lists of verses in our journals. Yesterday, we went to Matthew 5:3-12 to read Jesus’ teaching known as the Beatitudes. In my Bible (NKJV), it is followed by the subheading: The Character of True Faith. In this passage we read how Jesus defines the word blessed. Blessed by His definition is “the divinely bestowed well-being that belongs only to the faithful.” Jesus sat (common for teachers of that time, I personally find it intimate that Jesus himself would want to get on “our” level) and he began to teach them, saying, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3) Poor. Poor meaning having little or nothing? Poor meaning inferior? Nope.

Poor meaning not relying on yourself. Poor meaning truly relying on God and knowing that you are lost without Him.

As I summarize, “Blessed are those who do not rely on themselves but understand that they are hopeless without Christ, for they will accept Jesus’ gift of salvation and will live in heaven as their reward. The blessing of being poor.”

From God’s word, we learn:

  • Being blessed is deep seeded joy and contentment in God.
  • Worldly things and relationships will leave us wanting for more.
  • The blessing of being poor only comes when we realize that being poor actually makes us rich.

Jeremiah 17:7 reads, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.”

Faithfully Following and Blessed!

Further Study: 

1- Read Jeremiah 17: 5-10. Journal your thoughts. Pay particular attention between the contrast of those cursed (vs5-6) and those blessed (vs7-8).

2- Commit to reading Matthew 5:1-12 each day for a week. Verse map a different section of the passage each day.

3- In your Blessed Journal there is a page asking, “How do God’s blessings differ from what the world offers?” Answer this question using the Beatitudes.

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