Every Friday from now until Christmas we will share one gift that can be given freely without a purchase and one that you can purchase. It’s all part of our Gifts of Friendship series inspired by studying The Friends of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury. Each gift we share will be presented in hopes that others will see and feel the love of Christ!

A friendship gift given freely:

Many gifts can be given freely and while a trip to the store may not be needed and wrapping paper is not necessary the value of these gifts far outweigh presents that require tissue paper!

This weeks gift is gentleness.

Jesus can be viewed in the scriptures being gentle to his friends time and again. Always reaching out a hand to touch someone. Always speaking with love and kindness even in the most serious situations including his conversation with Peter about his upcoming betrayal.

Isaiah 40:11 refers to Jesus as the gentle Shepherd:

He tends{feeds} His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.

One of the things I love most about Jesus is His display of affection and gentleness toward all. Even those who wronged Him.

Jesus demonstrates each gift we are talking about this season, including gentleness. He is our example and teacher.

Offer gentleness toward your friends even in the times you find in difficult. It’s a gift that will cultivate and strengthen our friendships.

Our pick for a purchased gift that shares Christ this week:

Gifts that pamper!

There are so many!

Lotions, sprays, soaps, rubs, splashes, bubbles!

This week I’m sharing Mary Kay hand and foot care products because of a special way that a friend is giving them away at Christmas.

Leslie shares the gifts that pamper with the ones who need them most… Single moms!

(click the photos to see everything Leslie offers)

Leslie is the queen of pampering as a Mary Kay consultant and she always wants every woman she meets to feel better about themselves than before they met. She’s taught us to have a heart that looks for ways to share what we love with those who need love. She’s been stuffing gloves and socks with lotions to give and she has sent some things to share with you!

We adore friends who share good things!

mary kay

To enter to win: leave a comment telling us how you like to pamper others at Christmas!

One winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday 12/04.

Blessings – Jodie and Donna

Last weeks winner of our Worry Bowl is Angie Brown!

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