Do you ever decide to do something and then take a step back and want to retreat?

You know, like when you stand in line for an hour to get to the top of a rollercoaster only to feel your fears kick in and your panic rise to levels that make your eyes search fast and hard for the exit sign.

I’m feeling a little like that today. But here is what I know. I have stood at the top of many high places and wanted to run but I stayed the course. And at the bottom of the twists and turns, at the end of the exhilarating and often frightening ride, I have always been glad that I didn’t let my fear get the better of me.

I’m clinging to that thought today: I will not let my fear get the better of me.

Tomorrow we offer a series called Praying Brave with a Yes Heart. When God invited me to do this I was all in! Then I asked some friends what they thought praying brave involved and I saw words that elicited my fears. Words like listen, surrender, and wait are scary when you know that you aren’t good at any of that.

My inner voice said run, you are unqualified and unable.

But my God reminded me that He is able.

God has reminded me that we can do many things with him and brave prayers produce results!

Peace is on the other side of a brave prayer.

Courage is found through brave prayers.

Divine direction is gained through brave prayers.

Battles are won because of brave prayers.

Satan is at the root of the lies that tell me to cease this journey. I’ve got a message for him, “I’m standing firm and inviting girls to stand with me”.

Will you come get brave with us? Will you pray brave with us? Will you pray saying my heart is ready to say “yes” to whatever God asks? Twists, turns, and bumps in the road. Let’s pray brave. Join us in just saying this simple prayer, “Lord, help me pray brave with a “yes heart”, Amen”.

Then meet us on our Facebook page as we ask ourselves, what it mean to pray brave with a yes heart?

Until then, praying with and for you,


This morning as I studied His word he sent confirmation that it’s all going to be good. Love Him!


I’m loving my friend, Suzanne Eller’s new book, Come With Me Devotional, and I want you to have a copy! Leave a comment on what praying brave looks like to you and we will draw a random winner on Friday to receive a copy via mail!

Our winner is Lindsey Walker! We will be in touch Lindsey! 


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