We are a people so connected that we are disconnected.

We plug in and space out.
We sit with others and we’ve forgotten how to enjoy company and conversation.
We get in our zone and we pass by all that are reach.
We miss one another, even those we love the most.

We are longing for relationship. We are longing for someone to listen. We are longing for one another, but we are missing opportunities to connect. Can I be honest? I talk all the time. If talking were an Olympic sport, I would win the gold medal every time. I don’t need more talk in my life. I crave conversation that connects my heart to the hearts of those I love.

Jesus took time to have conversation with His closest friends and He went out of his way to have conversations with strangers. The purpose? To share his love.

His love is worthy of our talk.

Have you ever sat across from someone and thought, “I have nothing to say”. I have. But when I am deep in the word of God each morning that feeling doesn’t come. Words of value flow, even when I least expect. When we dive into the word of God we discover treasure that changes our lives and has the power to do the same for others. Seeing this process in action has prompted this months study emphasis.

This February join us for conversations that connect.
We’ll unearth the treasure of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and talk about love with those we love.

Communicate to connect.
Talk with those we share our lives with.
Build relationships over God’s Word.
Demonstrate love to one another.

Join us on our Facebook PageĀ  in February! We will offer conversation starters for you to use as you take time to connect…in personšŸ’—

Here is todays share:Ā “Love is patient and kind” 1 Corinthians 13:4 NLT

Sparks to ignite conversations with others: (one word answers discouragedšŸ˜‰)

~Who is someone in your life, past or present, that has demonstrated patience and kindness to you? (If you are able, call/visit them and tell them how their love has encouraged you)
~The bible says God is patient. Why do you think He is patient toward us? What scriptures support your thoughts?
~When is it most difficult to be patient and kind? Discuss ways to avoid losing your patience. Talk about ways to be kind when it is most difficult.

We love hearing from you too! Share your thoughts on the importance of taking time to connect and have conversation with others. Do you agree that if we stay in God’s word we will have valuable things to share with one another?

Let’s talk~ Jodie


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