Standing in the rain, I smiled and took a selfie.


Thoughts of joy were running through my mind and I wanted to share a moment with the world.

A moment that said, “Yes. It’s raining. It’s pouring. But I choose to dance even when it rains!”

Girls, this does not come naturally to me.

That selfie up there, wow.

I really wish I could tell you all that it means. Let me try. Naturally, I’m an introvert. I recently told our Bible Study group that factoid and they were shocked. All but my ministry partner who knows my fears of walking into a room full of people. I also tend to be a little pessimistic. I would normally be the one looking out the window wondering when the drops of rain would vanish and relate the sogginess to all the world falling down around me. And then there is this…Normally I have to have things planned out and walk step by step through the plan. That tends to leave little room for things like stopping to dance in the rain.

But with God I get to overcome those things and be the girl who dances even when it rains!

With God I am an overcomer…a girl who dances even when it rains.

That selfie up there is really my way of preserving a moment that says, “Yes, it’s raining. It’s pouring. But I choose to dance even when it rains. I choose to live life to its fullest because of the person I can be with Christ! I choose to trust the One who takes my weaknesses and becomes my strength.”

Afraid at times? Yes.

But with God, I face my fears.

Downcast at times? Yes.

But with God, I find joy.

Planned out in my mind? Yes.

But with God, willing to step, or in this case, dance, to the beat of His drum! For His glory!

For the last 5 years God has asked me to step out of my introverted skin and into the world of women’s ministries. He’s ask me to find joy in the midst of pain and He’s asked me to leave my plan and join Him by dancing in the rain!

Starting this New Year I am excited to continue down this path. As excited as I am, as planned as I am. I’d like to share a little secret!

God will exceed my greatest expectations!

He always does!

I never imagined all the ladies God would allow Donna and I to meet, study, pray, learn, laugh, exercise, praise and fellowship alongside. I can still remember when we planned our first class hoping for twenty women to show interest. WOW. How the Lord has been faithful!

As we start 2016, I’d like to extend an invitation to all the girls out there near and far. We invite you to get to know the One who makes the rain. Get to know Him and learn to dance freely in the rain! Join us right here or in a class if your location permits. We look forward to dancing with you…even dancing in the rain.


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