I have a new chair.
I have affectionately named it my “God-chair” because I told my husband that I was going to write my book in that very chair. But truth be known, this is the first thing that I have written since getting the chair. And at this moment..I am at my desk chair writing.
Why? Is it writer’s block? Do I have nothing to share? Nope…that’s not it at all. It’s also that I am not in His word…I just haven’t been writing.
The trouble is…I have been putting everything else in life before my writing.
Not that “everything else” is bad…. My husband’s ministry gets top priority and I am called to be his help mate, I have three beautiful children that need me, I have a home that is not self-cleaning, I have daily fan mail from my pal “Bill” hence the need to work, and well I like to hang out at the gym and with my girlfriends on occasions. See, not bad things!
But I am neglecting the burning within my heart to do the very thing that God has called me to do…write.
I am not the only one that struggles with this…sometimes we get caught up in the ordinary and we miss the extraordinary.

Join me over in Luke chapter 24 beginning in verse 13:
“Now behold the two of them were traveling…..and they talked together of the things that had happened” (v.13-14)

Just a regular day outside the town of Jerusalem….well not really. Jesus had just been crucified and the women who went to care for His body had found an empty tomb and angels proclaiming that Jesus was alive. But these guys…they were caught up in the mystery of it all…having a hard time believing that what Jesus himself had said was coming to pass…He was right!

“So it was, as they conversed and reasoned, that Jesus himself drew near to them…..but their eyes were restrained, so that they did not know Him” (v.15-16)
See…they were caught up in the ordinary.

Well hey guys, whatcha talking about? Jesus asked. You seem rather sad.

“Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem and have You not known the things which have happened in these days?” (v. 18)
I am sorry but this just makes me giggle a little. Oh, that I not be so blinded by the world that I miss Jesus!

Have you been hiding under a rock, dude? How can you NOT know what has happened. Over the next 6 verses, they proceeded to tell Jesus what Jesus already knew.
Jesus then taught them “all the scriptures, the things concerning Himself.” (v. 27) Just as He had done before His crucifixion. But they still did not realize that they were walking with Jesus. Lord, thank you for Your patience with us.

They talked a bit more and then invited Jesus to stay with them, for the evening was upon them. Jesus accepted…and as He sat with them and broke bread and blessed it…”Their eyes were opened and they knew Him” (v.31) Lord, help me not to need a special event to see You, to share You, to love You.

And as soon as they realized Who they were with…He vanished.
Jesus turned that very ordinary moment into extraordinary.
His very presence changed them and it can change us both in and out.
But are we taking full advantage of all that He offers?

“And then they said to one another, did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the scripture to us?” (v.32)
Why? Why did we not recognize Him in the ordinary? Why did we not apply all that He taught us when He was here with us? Why did we miss it?

Are you missing it?
We still have the opportunity today to open Scripture to ourselves. To apply the Word – His word – His truth to our lives.
We still have the chance to yield to the burning that He places in our hearts. We can live for Him each and everyday.
For me…it’s through writing. It’s through making time to follow His calling, to stop making excuses, and to not needing a chair to do it.
For you…it may look very different.
Don’t miss the extraordinary…because you are too focused on the ordinary…because it might vanish right before your eyes!

Faithfully Following,

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