We rush.
We fuss.
We make haste.
We waste.
We play tug of war in our hearts when we seek to balance all the jingle and joy of Christmas.
Jingle bells! Joy to the world!
Christmas and Christ.
Since I was a little girl the magic of Christmas had been held in the traditions of my family. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized the real magic of Christmas was found in the beauty of a dirty manger that Mary lay in and gave birth to our King. The little girl in me still loves the “jingle” of Christmas, but she adores the “Joy” of Christmas more. The dilemma?
Keeping the jingle and the joy together, but balanced.
Remembering to have a little bit of jingle and a whole lotta joy!
Focusing on Christ and placing Him in the center of what should be the celebration of His birth.

We celebrate Christmas in many special ways. We have traditions. We share gifts. We bake cookies and sing carols. We wear ourselves out with jingle and feel depleted of joy.

This December we will talk of jingle and joy in hopes to keep our focus clear and our hearts full.
We will mix cookie dough with scripture, gift wrap with prayer,  and celebrations with solitary time.

We will have jingle and joy! And joy will be the center of our Christmas season.
Yes, Christ will be our focus, even in the jingle!

Join us in December for a little bit of jingle and a whole lotta joy…a journey to Christmas, keeping joy the center of our jingle. Each Monday we will meet here and all through the week join us on our Facebook page and on Instagram.
This weeks ideas to keep our jingle and joy in balance:
~Before the to-do list take time with God: Begin an advent study, read a scripture each day.
~Take time to stop and pray: Jesus himself drew away to pray.
~Reach out to others each week: Plan to share blessings by giving from your heart. It doesn’t have to be a store bought gift. It can be time and service.
Whatever you do this year, ask yourself what is to gain? Glory to the King born in a manager or glory to self that lends itself to a worn and weary women? Let’s celebrate with a little bit of jingle and a whole lotta joy! In all we do, let us prepare ye the way for The Lord.

Blessings~ Jodie

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