From the first phone call I knew she had a heart of gold. A heart like Jesus.

She was kind, caring, concerned, engaged and LISTENING! Really listening.

She immediately taught me that listening and taking note of other people “heart story” is vital. Vital to what can take place right then, next and later.

There was prayer during that first call. Prayer after that first call and later when we met in person…prayer. She posses a prayerful heart.

Her heart of gold was shining. Shining for Jesus.

We’ve had the great joy of working with several Christian speakers while planning and organizing our annual This One’s For the Girls conference ( . Prayerfully we discuss who to bring, who God wants us to bring. There are web searches, video viewings and phone calls with each selection. Sometime who we think will be the perfect person is not in God’s plan. And that is exactly how we met this heart of gold. God gave us a wide open detour sign! I’m so glad we turned and followed!

That detour led us to Suzie Eller with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

And she touched our hearts.

suzie and us

And she touched the hearts of those who met heart at the conference.

One sweet Faithfully Fit sister shared with us,

When I met Suzie instantly I knew her presence in my walk of faith would be a blessing! The smile on her face radiated like the sweetness of a sunny spring day.  I noticed a book she had written titled “ The Mom I want to Be” and I had decided I wanted to buy that book. When the conference was over it had sold out so I purchased her newest book, The Mended Heart. Gods healing for your broken Places. When I started to read I felt a great comfort wash over me. God instantly showed me He had already revealed to Suzie things I personally needed to hear at the conference when she spoke, but now I needed to slow down and read the pages of her book. Suzie’s book helped me apply the word beautiful, a word already special to me in scripture, to MY DARK heart…broken in pain, sinfilled, un-teachable and selfish, heart. It made the invisible visible. It brought my heart into that glorious sweetness Suzie exuded that looked like the SUN…through His Son Jesus Christ.” Maggie


Today we wanted to share this heart of gold with you! Suzie Eller.

Not because we want you to buy her book or follow her blog, but because we know that she has a heart ready to share Jesus with you! And her listening heart is kind and caring and ready to be engaged with your heart!

All that hearts may be mended by the power of the cross.

Visit Suzie today at

Mention we sent you and that you are Faithfully Following along with us!

Some detours have the sweetest endings!suzie and girls



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