Boy did it smell bad.

Stink, stank, stunk!

But boy, it was pretty.

I walked into the freshly painted area. My nose alerted me before I was even within viewing distance; somewhere, there had to be fresh paint! You know that smell. The kind that makes you want to turn on fans, open windows, or run the other way. Once I could see the results on the wall I thought, “it’s worth the smell to see the beautiful results.”

The stink is temporary, the results are beautiful.

We are fast approaching a big change in our Faithfully Following (FF) programs. For over six years we have been doing things pretty much the same and it’s been filled with goodness. But the walls are a little scuffed and in need of a fresh coat of paint. We feel a little like we are standing in front of a thousand paint chips at the home improvement store. You know the look. Wide-eyed with possibility, but not sure what to pick up. A little afraid of how that beautiful new blue or yellow will look slathered on the wall that have been beige.

Holding the pretty paint strips in our hands we did what every girl tends to do when facing a huge decision, we asked a friend for guidance.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6

We’ve prepped our hearts, picked the colors, examined the selections with God, and endured the stink of opening cans of color that look a little intimidating and here is the beautiful result that is worth the stank:


Fresh and Focused for Women

The Mission Remains Unchanged

To reach women with the Gospel of Christ

The Message Remains Constant

Jesus loves us so much that He chases us and graces us with Himself

But…. The Method is Brand New!

Here is what you can expect if you follow online (via facebook):

  • Fresh verse lists to start your day posted each week
  • Fresh meal ideas and tips for your family
  • Focused prayer prompts for your week
  • Fresh words from our hearts and the hearts of those we love to share
  • Encouragement! Fellowship! Positive posts for your newsfeed everyday

Here is what you can expect if you are a local FF girl:

Every first Tuesday of the month beginning September 6th:

fresh and fit meals

Our first class with feature lunches, drinks, and deserts you can make in a jar. Join us for the “how to” and tastings!

Every second Tuesday of the month beginning September 13th:

Our first class will feature the traditional FF aerobic style workout many have grown to love. Dress comfortable, with tennis shoes, and join us!

Every third Tuesday of the month beginning September 20th:

focused foundation bible tool classes

Each class we will share tools to help us grow in our bible study and prayer life.

Every fourth Tuesday of the month beginning September 27th:

a fresh word bible study

A fresh Bible Study each month. Our first focus will be from Psalm 16.

We sure hope you’ll come by and see the new colors. It’s a new method, with a unchanged mission, about a constant message that can change your life. We hope you think it’s pretty (and worth the new paint!).

Join us!

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