He sheltered me when my mom and dad split up.

He sheltered me when my granny died.

He sheltered me when I moved to the city and I was afraid.

He sheltered me when I carried my children.

He sheltered me when my marriage struggled to have life.

He has been and will be my shelter, my refuge, my hope, and, yes, my joy!

If I marked it on a timeline I would say it was about twelve years ago. What am I marking? The time I switched from seeking happiness in the world and began looking to know and grow joy in my heart. Today I type with enthusiasm and let words of praise slip from my lips! Yes, I rejoice that the Lord, the source of my ever growing joy, has been faithful to provide refuge all throughout my life. And I shout praise, knowing that He will continue to do so, because He is faithful to the end. AND  because my heart’s desire is for others to know this joy. This joy that overwhelms and enlightens dark places!

Welcome friend! Come and join us on a joy ride! A journey to

  • know our Source of joy
  • grow our joy deeper
  • show our joy to everyone.

Life can be a bumpy ride.
However, KNOWing the Source of deep, satisfying, soul-quenching joy is the key to keeping our lives full and abundant! GROWing in our relationship with the Source helps us multiply our joy. And SHOWing our joy to others brings light into dark places.

Jesus said, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” Knowing the source of full and abundant life provides us access to indescribable joy. A joy that consumes and prevails even when our world is flipped upside down and turned inside out.

During the month of June we will be exploring the scriptures together verse by verse. Every week we will offer five verses as a starting point for your day and encourage you to travel with us and let God lead as we follow with hearts ready to consume joy, grow joy, and show joy. All you need to do is follow our Facebook and Instagram feed.

Here’s a peek at the first 3 verses of our journey: Click over to our home on Facebook and read each days prompts!

Today’s verse from Psalm 5:11 reminds us that God is and always will be our refuge. He’s been mine and He wants to be yours too! The verse says, “let ALL” and that, sister, includes you.

I’m rejoicing and I pray you will also! Sing for joy with me and recount the times that God has been your shelter. Then, linger in the joy that your praise produces deep within your heart. Are you finding it hard to praise today? If you answered yes, please jump into the car with us and follow as we pursue the Source to better know Him and experience His joy.

Are you ready?

We look forward to sharing every twist and turn with you!

(Grab our 4L study guide for the journey here: Study Guide)

(Click here if you missed this weeks verse list: Week One List )

Blessings and joy~ Jodie

PS: To know, know, know Him, is to love, love, love Him…singing for joy!


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