Race. Run. Run. Race. Rat race?

Monday morning had turned to Monday afternoon and I was feeling a little like a hamster on a wheel. Running in circles and getting no where.

Or was I really? As I walked to my bedroom with a load of clean clothes to lay on the bed I did a mental survey of my day.

Quiet time, check.

Prayer time with the girls, check.

Walk the dog (well it was more like dog walked me), check.

Bank Deposit made, check.

Groceries bought, Laundry load #3 currently in hand, social media bible reading program started, Blog post written, check.

This was no hamster wheel. I was getting somewhere so what was really the source of my anxiety? Because girls, I was getting anxious.

The clock was pressing down on my mind and the tension was rising in my shoulders as I contemplated how I would accomplish all the “to-do’s” on my to-do list. Is this a good time to back up and tell you that Monday’s are my one day to work in my home office? It’s the one day I get to focus on being President and CEO of the Barrett household. The one day I get to focus on ministry without the distraction of our family business. I love my Monday’s. I’m grateful for Monday’s fully understanding that many people don’t get a day at home and others get everyday at home when they are is dire need of employment.

Where was this worry and stress mounting up in me originating?

Unrealistic expectations, Jodie.

Running off course toward the wrong direction, Jodie. You’ve taken the lead when all I asked you to do was follow.


The voice of reason entered my heart as I entered my closet to hang a damp shirt to dry.

Unrealistic expectations, God? Leading?

But I want to be faithful to follow.

This was the beginning of our conversation. God reminded me that I knew what I was trying to accomplish in one day was just too much. He himself set the example for us when He created the earth and everything in it, didn’t He? Each day having it’s own accomplishment when clearly He was God and could have accomplished it all on a Monday! Heart check. If God could, but didn’t, what was He doing? Setting an example for this anxious woman running a race that was exhausting.

Leading? But Lord, I thought I was following? How did I get in the lead? Where was my misplaced turn? Honesty awakened the eyes of my heart to see that my wrong turn happened when I started looking at the accomplishments of others and tried to measure up to their achievements. Ouch #2.

When we find ourselves racing for the sake of placing we may want to check with the One who laid out the route and set the race before us.

Our place. Our space. Our race.


Embrace your place, your space and your race!
Live fully in the place God has prepared for you.
Treasure the space He has opened up for you.
Run the race He had marked out for you.

This was a Monday that needed a heart check!

Time to examine my heart, recalculate my pace, assess my motivation and my expectations.

My pace was overdrive.

My motivation was misplaced.

My expectations were unrealistic.


Overdrive leads to exhaustion.

Misplaced motivation leads to wrong turns.

Unrealistic expectations leads to disappointment.

Hebrews 12:1 says,

“…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith”

Ahhhhh, there’s the resting place…FIXING OUR EYES ON JESUS.

Blessings friends ~ Jodie


I don’t want to get caught in the rat race. Thank you for setting the pace that is just right for each of us. Help us fix our eyes on you and be faithful to follow.


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