A few flakes fell from the sky.
That’s all it took…a few flakes and my husband turned from his car and came to the back window and knocked with a smile of his face.

I got up from my chair thinking he forgot something and locked himself out.
“Look close”, he said and pointed to the sky.
I saw nothing.
“You have to look close”.

So I went to the sliding door and looked again and quickly I saw something fly in and out of my sight. Then in the distance, in the glow of his car headlights I saw the snow flakes falling. Just a few. But that was enough to put excitement in his heart, a smile on his face, joy in his step and something to share with me. I returned to my chair after he left and picked up my bible. It wasn’t even then that I thought of these tiny flakes and the gift they are from God.

Just a bit later I signed into to cyber world…It’s snowing was posted over and over. Then came posts of hope…hope for more snow, some accumulation. And then counter-posts…I want the beach, you can have the snow, I will take the sun…and so on. A few flakes and everyone saw a little something different. I saw the gift.
I often think of the sunrise as my morning gift.
The red bird sitting in the dry and lifeless grass, my gift.
The morning dew watering the ground, my gift.
All these things say to my heart, you are loved, I am near, this is My gift to you.
How do you see them? Do you even think of God? His Love pouring out to you?
I spent many years seeking the pleasures of the world…only to be disappointed. Only when I started seeking the Lord in each day did I find the Joy I was truly seeking. The Joy that comes with seeing a single snow flake as a gift.
I still know that the single snow flake can accumulate into a blizzard. I know that things can be seen in all ways, good and bad. But there is so much Joy to be seen when we seek through eyes searching for the King and the Kingdom. In my living room sits a printed piece of art, a reminder.

A reminder to seek the Kingdom of God. A reminder to look for Joy. A reminder to see the snow flake and not worry about the blizzard. A reminder that I am loved by the One true King! What gift do you see today? What little thing will stop you today from heading on your way. What little thing will speak to your heart and be a whisper from the One true King who loves you? When you see it make sure to stop what you are doing…turn to someone near and tell them to look closely. Share the gift that all may seek the Kingdom and know the King who sends gifts in all shapes of sizes…even little, white flakes we call snow.
Looking closely,

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