It’s ben a part of my life since I can remember and I can remember record players! I have a vivid memory of one birthday when records were all I wanted to receive. And I did receive records! And I played “Celebrate Good Times” over and over!

Music filled many hours in my childhood. Starting with PBS when I was a child, continuing with my dad’s huge record collection and by the time I was a teenager I would sit in my bedroom at night listen to the radio, tape songs and play them back over and over until I could sing every word!

Music was so influential in my life! It shaped my thoughts, my mood, my behavior, my speech. And the result was not always positive. Most of the music I was listening to was secular and promoted worldly thoughts, ideals and behaviors. A change was needed!

It was in my adult life while attending a women’s event with Nancy Leigh Demoss that I felt convicted by the Lord to turn away from secular music. I knew I needed a change in this area.

I recall being home shortly after the event, driving in my van and changing the radio dial. I really wanted to heed the Lord’s call and make the change. I needed God to penetrate this area of my life…I need to give it Him. We live in a remote area and all I could hear while changing the stations that resembled Christian music was Gospel stations. And while I like to sing a good Gospel hymn I wasn’t at all convinced this was the change for me. I said out loud, right there while turning the dial, “Lord, I want to do this, but I need your help”. The static cleared some and then I could hear it….A new station to our area, His Radio. They specialize in uplifting and encouraging Christian music. I was hooked!

sing to the lord

I would like to tell you that all of a sudden I realized that each song pointed right to scripture, but it was actually years after making the change when I really began digging deep in my bible that I noticed. I was listening to “By His Wounds” and the words were speaking to my heart.

“He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our sins….”

These were moving words and my heart noticed the depth of them and how they sounded familiar.

And it clicked!

I’ve read that in my bible!

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

I needed this! I was singing to the top of my voice, tears were flowing! The power of God’s word through song was sinking deep into my heart…Oh, how He knew to speak to me…in song.

What began there spiraled and now I notice it so often that when I read the Word I start to sing! When others talk about scripture I start to sing. And Donna and I are now known for saying, “There’s a song for that”!


And so often the use of song is how I embed the word of God into my heart. When in the past I would say I just can’t remember…now I could. I could all along, I just needed a change and a heart willing!

Do you need a change in how you see the word?

Try singing this song:

open the eyes 2

Allow God to open the eye’s of your heart.

Start with a simple prayer.

Lord, You are good and I want to see you! I want to see the goodness of your grace, the wonders of your creation, the vastness of your love for me. Open the eyes of my heart. I need you. Amen

We are singing together over on facebook today while studying songs! Join us if you like

or just leave a comment with your favorite song and tell us why you enjoy it so!

Singing with you- Jodie

We are linking with Suzie Eller and other beautiful ladies for Live Free Thursday!

We are linking with Suzie Eller and other beautiful ladies for Live Free Thursday!


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