I flipped the page of the calendar and there it was…a while new month!

October 2014!

Wow, how did we get here?

The beauty of the white space was soothing to my heart. White space. Clean. Clear. Possibilities!

Truth be told, this is the calendar that sits in my kitchen and not the one that is toted in my pocket book. I fear that if I look in that calendar there will no white space! I mean just last week I had to set a date for our Christmas Gathering and my husband was informing me of his military schedule for 2015! So is there really any white space in my October, and if there is, what is the benefit?


White space has endless possibilities! It can be quiet time. It can be time to make a dream a goal! It can be family time! It can be friend time! It can be heart-felt, soul-searching Jesus time!

Is it crazy to schedule time with Jesus? I don’t think so. I have to schedule date nights with my husband of 21 years just to get some quality conversation moments. Life is chaotic! We all know this because when we took the chaos test, we proved it with our overwhelming results! Jesus made intentional time for others. He went out of his way to reach people, remember the Samaritan woman? He made time to travel a longer route that would result in quality time with someone who needed His time desperately.

Our hearts need intentional time with Jesus so that we do not become desperate. Carve out some white space time for Christ. Open that calendar to October! If there is not white space, take the eraser and create some!


Pencil In:

  • Time in prayer
  • Time to read the Word
  • Time for listening
  • Time for response
  • Time for praise

In this chaotic world that wants to push us from January to December in overdrive we must be intentional in creating time…quality time for the One who sees time so much differently than us.

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” 2 Peter 3:8

Let’s pray: Lord, Thank you for the gift of every moment. Let us slow down and see the gift of every moment. Help us erase the things on our calendars that are taking over our time with you. Forgive us when others things are placing space between us. You want so much more for us than busy lives. Let us embrace the gift of time with you. Amen

Further Study: Today pause for a moment. Enjoy what is right in front of you. Praise God for the blessing of that moment.

Further Study: Today pause for a moment. Enjoy what is right in front of you. Praise God for the blessing of that moment.

Enjoying the white space and you! ~ Jodie

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