Rushed and distracted, I didn’t even hear what He said.

Can you relate? You are running here and there taking care of the to do list and that’s all that is getting your time and attention. And those you are “to doing” for you don’t even hear.

As a girl in women’s ministries I am so guilty! I’m “to doing” for God with a distracted heart and mind.

Just yesterday I realized I needed a lights out, door closed, ears open moment with my Friend! I needed to clear out the distractions and listen for His voice.


In that quiet space I created for Jesus I was able to tune in and participate fully in conversation. The wisdom gained in these undistracted moments helped me with anxious thoughts. My doubts in my own ability were diminished because I remembered that He is my strength and His power always works through my weaknesses. He refocused my “doing” by reminded me He just wants my devotion. A life focused on being devoted to Jesus is far better than a life spent distracted by all the “doings”. I’m not suggesting that we stop being the hands and feet of Christ. Not at all. Just that we tune into the One we are working for before we let distractions consume all our heart, mind and soul.

Last night in bible study we studied Martha. Many of us know the story of the distracted Martha (Luke 10:40-42). When compared to her sister Mary she gets a bad rap from us. I can so relate to Martha. I am a doer by nature. Sitting and listening takes practice on my part. This week God unfolded more about the distracted Martha we see in a few verses of Luke. In our bible study we are actually looking more at a distraught Martha (John 11:1-44) as discussed in the book, Friends of Jesus, by Karen Kingsbury. Martha was bedside with her sister Mary this time and their young brother was dying. Emotions were all over the place. This was unplanned, unexpected. Her brother was not to die. It’s a story that even after much study I have a difficult time teaching.

Lights out.

Door closed.

Ears open.

Speak to my heart. I’m here to do the second part of conversation Lord. I’m here to listen.

Before I go “to doing” for You, I’m here to be devoted to You.

God whispered a strong message to my heart as I read both sets of scriptures. The distracted Martha needed to be the devoted Martha so she could find comfort in Jesus as the distraught Martha.

  • Distracted. Distracted does not prepare us for trials.
  • Devoted. Devoted connects us to the power source for enduring trials.
  • Distraught. Distraught will not overcome us when we are devoted to the one who overcomes all trails.

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Lesson learned Lord. My “to-doing” can wait even when the doing is for You. In the trails that come my way I want to be connected to the power source for enduring the overwhelming. In my distraught I want your strength. In the pain I want your comfort.

Join me in shutting the doors, turning off the lights and opening up our hearts!

Blessings~ Jodie

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