As I sit to type this, I have pain running down my leg. It has been there since about 3 weeks ago when I hurt my back. What did I do? I bent over to get my toothbrush. Now before you all get scared and stop brushing your teeth, I will put out there that about 7 years ago I hurt my back when I was working at a hospital and the patient I was helping transfer from the bed decided not to participate anymore…so there was a previous injury. But regardless, I have this pain in my leg that will not let up. It is there when I lie down, went I sit up, when I stand up and when I walk (and please know that I know there are people in this world that are worse off than me) – for now it is a constant in my life. And today, I am thanking God for teaching me a lesson from my pain.

We just finished chapter 2 of “The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkheurst this week. And once again, it did not disappoint. The take home point taught my Jodie and myself? We must be in constant communion with God in order to make “best yes” decisions. How many times in our life do we pray for God to help us and guide us in life and then get up and walk away..forgetting to look and see how God will answer our prayers? We must be actively searching for God and staying in constant communion with him in order to hear.

Mark 4:24 in the New Living Translation says this:

“Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given – and then you will receive even more”

The longer you are in constant communion with God the more you will pay attention to Him. So back to my leg. The longer I have had pain, the more I have paid attention to my pain. I know that it is there all the time and I know when I get into that one position for that split second when the pain goes away. When you spend time with God, you will know that He is there all the time and in that split second of choosing the “best yes”, you will be aware of Him too!

Constant communion. With my leg…what a pain! But with God..what a blessing! Praying that you will join me as I seek to go deeper, deeper into a walk with Him! (and also praying that He will make this pain in my leg go away!)


Seek His direction in the pages of His truth!

Seek His direction in the pages of His truth!

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