Join us on Facebook and Instagram May 20-31 for our newest online mini-study, Verse by Verse Growing Closer to God. We will use this page as a resource center during our study.

Verse by verse combines song and scripture to help participants intentionally invest time and effort in their relationship with God.

Song and scripture have been intertwined from the beginning of time. Well, at least in our hearts and mind!
We love to seek God’s word and we love to sing about Him and all He has done and will do!

Our friends poke fun and say we have a verse and song for just about anything and we say, “if we don’t, we will find one!” This practice of lingering in God’s word using the Bible and songs that direct us to the thoughts of the scriptures has been a consistent part of our ministry and personal Bible study practice for over ten years.

What Jodie has to say about meeting God each day Verse by Verse:

We were made for relationship! First with Christ and then with others. Relationships take time and effort, but good relationships are worth every ounce of that time and effort.
Growing your relationship with Christ is one of the sweetest adventures imaginable.

I made my relationship with Jesus personal at the age of 17.  Thirty years later, as I travel through grief, it is still the most precious relationship in my life. Each day I am greeted with love as I read the Bible a few verses at a time, lingering with the Lord and allowing myslef time to listen for His voice. Everyday I encourage women to walk with Him because I want others to know this same love.

What you can expect during the study:

  • 10 devotions filled with scripture and encouragement (one each weekday of the study). Each lesson will guide you to linger in the scriptures as you listen for God’s voice. We will lift praise and prayer together and discover ten ways we can live what we are learning.
  • Facebook Live video teachings- You asked for them and we will have them.
  • Daily Prayer Prompts
  • Spotify Playlist- You will have access to a Spotify playlist that coordinates with the study. 10 songs to listen to as you linger in God’s word. Listen here >>>> Verse by verse playlist

Each day during the study we will linger with God as we listen for His voice, lifting prayer and praise, learning how to live out what we learn.

We will use the 4L study process: Linger, Listen, Lift, and Live

During our pre-study time we are unfolding this process step by step. Download your free prestudy guide complete with journal pages and study prayer here>>>>>Verse by Verse PreStudy Verse by Verse Prayer

Then visit our Facebook or Instagram page each morning for the coordinating lesson. Click here for the day 1 pre-study lesson on LINGER >>>Facebook:  Day One Linger Instagram: Day One Linger

(If you miss the pre-study, do not worry. You can download it and catch up quickly.)

Download your Study Guide for week 1 here >>>> Verse By Verse Week One

Download your Study Guide for week 2 here>>>>Verse By Verse Week Two


We pray you will join us each ….every day is sweeter with Jesus! (There’s a song for that!) Every day is better with Him than thousands elsewhere! (There’s a verse for that!)



Faithfully Following with you~ Jodie and Donna

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