It’s no secret!

Donna and I like alliterations. May be we like them to a fault.

One weary night before New Years we had a little planning session and we invented a new word.


Don’t worry, Webster hasn’t returned our calls. It won’t make it into a dictionary but it has taken a life of it’s own in our minds. 2017 is here and we both want to be renewed! It seems to be the season of renewal. There are three different bills laying on my desk that want a “renewal fee”. Thankfully, the type of renewal we desire doesn’t require a check or a debit card.

We want a refreshed and right relationship with the Lord. We want to ensure that we are still putting first things first, and for us, that means that we want Christ to be first place. We are starting January with a series on our Instagram and Facebook feed that is titled, Clean Hearts and Homes and our first verse of this New year is Psalm 51:10.

This January for Clean Hearts and Homes we will:

  •  Share a scripture for your heart each morning
  •  Share tips for your homes during the week
  • Encourage you each week by sharing our favorite posts from friends we love (because they too, love Jesus)

Our hope is that we will be women who invite God’s presence into our hearts and homes, seeking to:
*RENEW a steadfast spirit toward God!
*RESTORE a right relationship with the Savior!
*REFRESH our daily walk with Jesus!
*REJOICE in the Lord always!

There is that alliteration we love! But aren’t they wonderful words for our New Year. Renew, restore, refresh, and rejoice. It’s like the retake you desire in the rush of this world. 

Our prayer for ourselves and for you is that we will open the small spaces that are deep within us to receive God’s word and prepare a quiet place in our homes and invite God to join us there. 

That in the race of this world, we will not be overwhelmed by the pace of this world.

That we would set aside time to “be still and know God”.

That familiar verse of scripture lingered in my heart last week. I uttered it to myself before looking it up in Psalm 46:10. And like never before I realized that God isn’t asking us to be still. He’s imploring us to be still. He knows that our spirits need the stillness so that we can become aware of who He is.

“Be still. Be still and know that I am God.”
Anyone else feel like it’s impossible to be still when your mind races and you see a thousand things on the to do list that doesn’t end?

Let’s band together, women who rush!
Women who want to conquer the world…or at least our part of it. Women who strive to get it all done.

Let’s be still.
Be still to quiet our hearts.
Be still to open our eyes.
Be still to hear His voice.
Be still to know that He is God.
Be still and trust His plans.
Let’s be women who are renewed, refreshed, restored, and then let us rejoice in all the glory that comes with allowing God to reside in the small spaces of our hearts and homes.

Quieting the race, making a place for Him, being renewed by Him~ Jodie

Begin this week reading Psalm 51 paying particular attention to verse 10. It’s our first verse of 2017!


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