Earlier in the year, I went to see an eye doctor for a very extensive exam to see if I would be a candidate for corrective eye surgery. I have had bad vision my entire life with severe nearsightedness and a very bad astigmatism. After a couple of hours, the surgeon came in, looked at me with hope in his eyes and said “never let anyone tell you that you can have Lasix surgery, they will cause you to go blind.” Woah. He proceeded to tell me that due to my astigmatism (which causes your eye to be shaped more like a football), I had very little tissue on the front of my eye and that if it were to ever get cut, I would be blind. At first, I was a little disappointed. Who wouldn’t be after wearing “coke bottle bottom glasses” since I was in 2nd grade? But then, I became ever so grateful because even though my eyes are really bad, I can still see while wearing said “coke bottles.” I was not a candidate for surgery.

About three weeks ago, I read a statement on Facebook that really got me thinking.

What if we approached God like we were liked by Him?

What if we began to look at ourselves in God’s eyes. Maybe, just maybe, God wanted to do surgery after all. And when I began investigating some of the ways that God sees me in the Bible, it became very clear to me that this was a surgery I would definitely qualify for….but also need done right away.

Here are just a few of the things that I found:

  1. We are a new creation – 2 Corinthians 5:17
  2. We are radiant – Philippians 2:15
  3. We are victorious – Romans 8:37 (keep reading 38-39 and you will get a glimpse of just how loved we are too!)
  4. We are delighted upon – Isaiah 62:4
  5. We are His – Isaiah 43:1
  6. We are sweet smelling – 2 Corinthians 4:15 
  7. We are beautiful – Song of Solomon 4:7

See girls, we often only view ourselves in the negative. We come before God laying down all the things we have done wrong, tell Him all the things that are “bad” about us, but…… what if we changed and approached God in the way that He sees us?

Let’s exchange lies for the Truth.

Let’s look at ourselves through God’s eyes.

Let’s be women who know that we are LOVED and LIKED by God!

Are you a candidate for surgery?

Faithfully Following Him verse by verse


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