Many of you in the Roanoke Valley may have already noticed that there are more people out and about walking and getting exercise. The Biggest Loser Challenge has begun! I was excited driving home from work and seeing all the people out walking…the first steps of a lifestyle change.  Because as we have talked about in Faithfully Fit before….it takes time to get in shape and it takes time to loose weight. You have to daily make choices…it’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice.

Which got me to thinking about the upcoming women’s conference: Wholeheartedly Yours. Whether you will be attending the conference or not, I would like to issue a challenge today.  Will you commit to becoming wholeheartedly God’s? Will you take the first steps to a lifestyle change?

See being wholeheartedly God’s…it’s a lifestyle.

It’s more than Bible study.

It’s more than music.

It’s more than prayer.

It’s a lifestyle.

It’s worship.


It’s about who God is in our lives and where God is on our priority list.

It’s unconditional and continual.

It is our expression of love to a perfect God who forgives and lives in our imperfect hearts.

It’s about the King of Glory, the Righteous King, the Merciful Savior…He comes and communes with us…holding us close to His heart and transforming us to be just like Him.

It’s worship…pure and simple…everyday.

It’s a lifestyle.

Will you join the challenge?


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