Maybe all little girls did it and still do it. Hold a flower in their hand and pluck the petals one by one saying, “He loves me, He loves me not”.

check out what our friend Cindy in saying about God's love!

Check out what our friend Cindy in saying about God’s love!


Maybe all little girls long to be loved and grow into big girls who desire love greatly. I know I did.

It should be no surprise. We were made by love, to be loved and to love. Why is love so messy and hard to grasp? There is a question we could write about for days. But today, in the given time I have, here is what I would like to share.

Those little girls who grow into big girls who so long to be loved, can be! Pick up a flower and hold it in your hands and look at the petals, smell the sweet fragrance and then just simply embrace this truth:

You are loved.

Now I know that we still want more. How do I know? I am that girl!

I desire the love of my Father….

and still

I desire the love of my Husband.

I desire the love of my children.

I desire the love of my parents.

I desire the love of my friends.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found that the things I desire are often obtained by offering freely what I wish to be given. It’s a beautiful circle. Love and be loved. Yes, the circle is often broken…see that previous messy comment. But, I’m messy and I still want love for my mess!

I desire the love of my Father when I sin.

I desire the love of my Husband when I fail at communicating.

I desire the love of my children when I lose my patience.

I desire the love of my friends when I let them down.

Even when my best falls short I desire the love of another and the best way to receive that love is to offer that unconditional love to another. Offer love to your husband when he forgets what you asked him to do four times. Offer love to your children when they track mud through the carpet, yell at you when they are running late or say your dinner is yucky. Offer love to your friends when they don’t call on your birthday or slip and tell a confident matter when they shouldn’t. The circle can then withstand the mess and remain unbroken when we freely offer love to one another.

love me

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In a few short days we are starting a bible study about the Friends of Jesus. The preparation has me reflecting on the times I have failed at being a thoughtful, compassionate, loving friend. But it also has helped me to see the growth I have made that is a direct result of accepting the love of my Father and then strengthening that love for Him daily. My offerings to others are less messy and more sweet and the circles in my life are stronger.

Girls, pick up a flower, twirl it in your hand and embrace love freely given!

You are loved.

Blessings, Jodie


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