Each night when I tuck my kids into bed, we ask them to say their prayers. Sometimes we are surprised but for the most part, they are pretty much the same…hey there is noting wrong with a little “repeating”..right, Faithfully Fit girls? They go a little something like this…”Dear God, help us to have a good day and for everybody to be good. Let me not to have bad dreams for as long as I live and help us to have a good day. Amen” then we give kisses all around and head out the door. Cailee will allow me to shut her door all the way but Austin and Sara like to have a little crack in their door so that it is not so dark. They are still a bit fearful of that complete darkness.

I too am somewhat afraid of the dark. The “dark” of changes in life. The “dark” of the unknown. The “dark” of being able to get it all done. The “dark” of waiting for answers. But, I learned at She Speaks, that sometimes the dark can be very…enlightening. One of the keynote speakers was Christine Caine – if you have never heard of her I urge you to look her up – she was “Awesome” – in my best Australian accent. Her session alone was life-changing for me.

She explained: We live in a world of “now”. A world where everyone expects to get everything..now. We point our phone at a subject, push a button, and in 3 seconds flat we can have it on any social media site that we choose. BAM! NOW! Not too long ago there was this thing called a polaroid camera. With this, we could take a picture and in about 6-8 minutes we could see what we took…and we thought that was fast. But many of us remember something called…film. With that, you took a picture, dropped it in a bag at the local store and waited for it to come back in about a week…all the while praying that it was not a entire roll of feet or eyeballs. But what we need to focus on is what happened between dropping that film off at the store and its’ return.

Somewhere in a very dark room, with just the right amount of light, someone would un-roll that film and place it in some chemicals and then wait for it to develop. Now, if someone were to suddenly open the door and expose that film to the wrong type of light..it would be ruined and turn out all wrong. If it was taken out of the chemicals too soon, it might not be ready. It had to stay in the dark for as long as was needed...to be what it was meant to be.

There are times in our lives when we need to be in the darkroom, on the anvil, mush in The Potter’s hands. God takes us into the darkroom to burn His image onto us before we can minister to others. If we leave too soon or try to skip to the end…we miss walking with GOD. We cannot help others be set free from the bondage of sin…or the bondage of chaos…until we have been set free ourselves. See, I too struggle with the “best Yes”. I too have tried to “skip” to the end, instead of walking through to freedom. But, I now see that the darkroom is where God would have me be…so that I can be the “best me” that I can be. David (a man after God’s own heart) went through a span of 20 years before becoming the man that God wanted him to be….and he had a lot of choices and struggles along the way. God wants us this fall to join Him in the darkroom. To wait and watch intently as He teaches us how to choose “The Best Yes”…..for it is in the darkroom where we are “blinded” by His image on our hearts.


UN-RUSH me, Lord.

Help me to walk WITH you. Amen      ~Donna

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