Last night many of us were able to take a quick 10 question test together, now you can review of take it for the first time to see are you living in the Chaos?

Answer each question yes or no and give yourself one point for each yes answer!

1- Did you have to choose between two different places to be yesterday?

2- Do you have more than 2 names? I have wife, mom, faithfully fit instructor, daughter, co-worker….ect! It you have more than 4 names give yourself an extra point!

3- Do you have more than one calendar on your refrigerator, in your purse or elsewhere?

4- Will you at some point this week feel the need to release stress by eating? Drinking (coffee counts!), Exercising?

5- Have you ever felt the need to say NO to something/someone and have been unable to spit the word out?

6- Have you ever been sitting in one place only to realize you should have been in another place? Example: Grocery shopping and realize you missed a hair appointment.

7- Have you ever wondered or asked why time flies?

8- Do someone else’s expectations determine what you say yes and no to?

9- Do you struggle with finding time to make meals, work out, read quietly, enjoy others?

10- Do you ever want to crawl in a closet, the bathroom counts, lock the door and be very quiet so no one will find you?

How did you do? Tally your score!

Anything over 5 points- You are in the right place! We can help through study of God’s word, prayer and encouragement!

Anything less that 5- We can learn from you! Please stay and share your peaceful wealth!

Anything greater than 10- The Chaos is about to consume you! We want to help!

Overwhelming the scores revealed last night that many of us are surrounded by Chaos! But the Chaos of life does not have to consume you and we can live in it and not be consumed by it if we Keep IT Real. What is the “IT”? Our faith in Jesus. Jesus must be first. He needs to be 1st place in our hearts, 1st place on our to-do list, 1st in our thoughts, 1st in our answers, 1st! I find peace in my relationship with Christ and His word instructs, “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart” (Col 3:15). There is peace waiting for your heart!

Lysa Terkeurst posted this last night:

“I’ve found each time I start to get stressed and anxious, if I pause and start whispering, “Jesus, help me,” my pulse slows and I can think more rationally. Our souls were designed to recognize and respond to the name of Jesus.” – Lysa TerKeurst

Girls, if the Choas of this world starts to consume you today, press pause.

Press pause before you say yes to anything you are asked that will take time from your day.

Press pause before you respond to a child who is getting on that last momma nerve.

Press pause before you throw that hand up in bad traffic.

Press pause before you respond to the co-worker who asks too much.

Press pause.

Find peace in saying, “Jesus”.

Looking forward to the Keeping IT Real journey with YOU!



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