Somehow today I started to wonder, “what can you do with three minutes?”

Truthfully, I know how I arrived at the thought. I was swinging by my office to help my husband with something that was only to take a few minutes. Just as I approached his desk he received a phone call. A phone call that went from 1 minute, to 2 minutes, to 3. Well, you get the picture. I stood there for a few moments but the multi-tasking side of me  got the better of me (see Multi-taskings Queen ).

I knew there was something I could do with those three minutes rather than just wait. So I went to my office (we work together!) and I fixed a blog error and then reached out to a few friends via facebook to offer some cheer and encouragement. 3 minutes

Waa-laa…phone call ended and hubby helped me finish up that thing that was only going to take a few minutes and I was on my way to the grocery store.

But those three minutes just stuck with me.

What could I accomplish today in three minutes?

I almost wanted to break out a timer and test the waters! But I did not. I just continued thinking of those three minutes and what I could do with a three minute opportunity.

I can fix fruit- water in under three minutes and I did.

I can unload the dishwasher in about three minutes but I haven’t found those three minutes yet.

I can change the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I did.

I can water the plants I almost let die on the back patio. That’s done.

I can whisper a few one-word prayers.

I can repeat my summer memory challenge verse!

AND, AND, AND. According to yahoo there are these things:

1. Write a song about hippos
2. Check your mail
3. Play a game of doodle jump or fruit ninja
4. Send someone a text
5. Tell your mama you love her
6. Eat a snack
7 Jump up and down 50 times
8. Down just about 60 math problems

So what is my 3 minute point? What real application is there here for you and I? Surely I didn’t want to just waste 3 minutes of our time.

At the end of my thoughts I came to the conclusion that there is so much I can accomplish in three minutes and often that feels like about how much time I have in many situations. So if I apply myself thoughtfully to each minute, each moment, I can achieve a great deal ( And that achievement can be for the good of the day OR the opposite. Because in less than three minutes I can:

Yell at a child. Get angry at a slow sales clerk. Yell at a driver that cuts me off. Ignore that tug at my heart to reach out to a friend. Forget to run an errand for my hardworking hubby.

I want 3 minutes.

Give me three minutes.

I want to slow down and explain the feelings I have with my child who failed to do their chores.

Offer kind words to sales clerk who has three kids at home sick.

I want to smile at the driver that cut me off.

I want to remember my friend who is struggling.

And remember that errand.

Give me 3 good minutes over 3 bad minutes any day!

Joyfully spending my 3 minutes sharing my heart with you~ 3 minutes well spent!


May I always take the minutes God gives and make them moments of praise for the minutes He has given!

May I always take the minutes God gives and make them moments of praise for the minutes He has given!