Day 4: Praying Brave with a Yes Heart

After asking a trusted group of friends what they thought brave prayer looked like I wanted to stop almost before starting.

Praying brave is listening well. ~ Lisa Apello

I stared at my screen and I’m not even going to lie, I knew this was going to be a struggle.
The word listen scares me. No really, it’s opposite of talk. I talk well. I talk often. I talk to God all the time. But rarely do I slow my roll long enough to listen. It’s so bad that when I read my Bible, I am sure I am talking even then. It’s unnatural for me to listen. Just ask all my teachers who made me write, “I will not talk in class” one hundred times a day.

But I realized that if I stop now I will miss a blessing. If I don’t pray brave I will miss a calling. I will miss a revelation. So if praying brave is listening well I want to listen.
Writing this series is not something I chose. It was in obedience to God’s call after prayer. I almost named the series on my own and then I shut the computer down before I could type. I prayed. And then I did the unnatural.
I listened.

Praying Brave with a Yes Heart is His title. I am sure of that.

It only took two small posts that announced the series before he unfolded a blessing. A prayer need came and I was ready. The circumstance was over my head. I’m sure glad He’s greater. I’m sure glad that we get to ask Him to do the impossible. I prayed brave with a “yes heart” and  I want to keep praying brave with a “yes heart”.
Don’t you?
I want to see all that will unfold when brave prayers slip from hearts intentional to say yes to Jesus.
Don’t you?

Let’s be women who pray brave and listen well.

God himself sets the stage so beautifully for us to listen. His Word says that He listens to us. In Psalm 116:2 we read, “He bends down to listen”. He goes the distance to hear what His children have to say. It’s more than hearing, it’s listening.

Conversation that flows between two people and consists of each listening to the other is productive, compassionate, and kind. Even when the tough stuff is being discussed.
To be women who pray brave and listen well we need to be intentional to quiet our thoughts and our surroundings. Before you pray our prayer find a quiet place. If something is on your mind that distracts your focus write it down, even if it is the grocery list. Then as you cry out to God be assured that He is bending down to listen. Tell Him the depths of your heart: your concerns, your fears, your desires, and your questions. Then, be still – pause – listen intently – open His Word – let Him speak.

God speaks to our hearts through His Word. Listen intently. 

We are busy women with many distraction in our lives. Often we come and pour all our thoughts, burdens, hopes, and cares out to you and never stop long enough to listen for a response. Help us quiet the world. Help us shut out the noises that crowd our hearts and minds. Create within us an ability to listen well. Speak to us through your word. We welcome you into our hearts as we listen intently for you to speak.

Today as you pray consider these scriptures: Psalm 119:2-6; Psalm 46:10; Proverbs 19:20-21

Praying with you and for you~ Jodie
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