Grief can knock us over, leave us breathless, and take our words. From the beginning of my grief journey, I found my words to be few, but trusted the Lord to take my small offerings and hold me close.

In the morning I would sit with my Bible open, reading His word and wanting prayers to freely form. The Lord was gracious:

  • He accepted my silence when it was all I had to offer.
  • He sent others to intercede for me and my family in our time of need.
  • His Spirit was also interceding on my behalf.
  • His lovingkindness fell fresh every morning.

He was faithful to meet me and guide me with His Word as I held firm to my hope in Jesus.

Four years later, I continue to record His faithfulness and praise Him as He comforts me, bringing me peace beyond any understanding, and granting me strength for the hardest days and nights.

The Lord will meet you where you are in your grief journey. He will meet you, hold you, and help you as only he can.
These five short prayers I offer are just a few of the many I have lifted. My hope is that they will help you (or someone you know) in your grief journey. I know His comfort to be great and I am praying on behalf of all who are carrying deep sorrow. May the Lord meet you where you are and grant you his comfort.
Trust that you are not alone, friends.
Much love, Jodie

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