I wept a lot this weekend. And after I did all the things I knew to do, I wept again.

Monday came and I felt hopeful. God’s word inspired me to press forward, reminding me that in my weakness, He is strong. I opened a message from a friend and found that anxiety and depression had heightened to a frightening level. Her queston left me staring at the screen.

“Do you have any suggestions for coping mechanisms to keep the anxiety and depression under control?”

My first thought was one of inadequacy. I thought “everything I can tell her is something I know she has heard before.” And then I remembered my tears. They fell yesterday and they may fall today, but I am not alone. God said, “come to me and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). God said, “draw near and I will draw near” (James 4:8). God said, “I’m listening, just cry out” (Psalm 18:6).

And while I may be inadequate, He is not.

Time and again, He meets me where I am, collects my tears, hears my cry, and helps me regain my footing. Our foundation is strong and important. It is far from inadequate. He will meet me and He will meet her. So I typed my response, noting that it may sound so simple but reminding my friend, and myself, that these things cannot be overlooked:

  • Stay in God’s word. Repeat it again and again.
  • Pray. Pray big prayers to our amazing God. Again and again and without skipping the aforementioned.
  • Reach out to someone. Yes, to God. But also to others. A friend, a mentor, a trusted pastor, or healthcare professional.

Reading His word will saturate your anxious heart with His soothing truth.

My friend and I have different circumstances weighing heavy on us but the results are the same. We are overwhelmed, weary, and worn. Fear presents itself and God will meet us where we are. He will meet you in your hard and heavy. He will take your weary hand and hold it. He will hold you. He is able. In the hard, remember who He is…faithful, never-changing, loving, kind, compassionate, just, understanding, and patient. Staying in His word is beneficial to remembering Who is in control when everything feels out of control.

Praying without ceasing opens the airways of communication and keeps them open. 

You don’t have to worry about what to say or how to say it. God is able to see our hearts and understand our moans. Right now things may seem uncertain, but we can be certain that God hears our prayers. We have omnipresent God who sees and hears all. Furthermore, He will respond.

Reaching out to others is not a sign of weakness, it is evidence of strength. 

Many of us suffer silently feeling there is shame in asking for help. Lay that lie aside. Some of us feel no one wants to hear about our heartache anymore. Lay that lie aside. You may think you are the only one who is afraid, confused, anxious, depressed, grieving, hurting, and struggling, but this isn’t true. Your strength to reach for help opens the door for someone to offer help and it may open the window for someone suffering alone to do the same.

This morning as I wiped the tears gently from my face, trying not to disturb the makeup (yep), I resolved to keep pressing forward with God. Trusting Him to meet me where I am and believing that the simple steps I shared with my friend are powerful. Powerful doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our online community is completing a 25-day prayer series. We’ve been praying, reading the word, and reaching out to one another. Because we trust the power of these simple steps we invite you to join us in May for another, verse by verse prayer series. It’s going to be a-MAY-zing (wink, wink).

During this series we will use various prayer prompts from Kelly Stanley’s new book #Instaprayer, prayers to share. It’s inspiring and thoughtful. Colorful and fun! We could just encourage you to buy a copy (and we do), but we want to do more.
We want to walk with you through it, prayerfully.

  • We want to remember Who is in control during this incredibly unsettling time.
    We want to encourage you through the discouraging and
    We want to be in the word and in prayer #versebyverse with you.

Are you ready to join us? The month of May can be a-MAY-zing when we focus on the Person of God and the promises of His word.

Here’s the 1-2-3
1- Purchase a copy of #instaprayer, prayers to share
2- Follow our Facebook or Instagram May 11-22. Each day the morning post will guide you with a prayer prompt, #instaprayer to share, and scripture to explore
3- Invite a friend to join you

During our two weeks together you can expect:
Daily prayer prompts and scripture selections.
Bi-weekly devotions by eight incredible women of faith.
Weekly Facebook Live and Instagram encouragements.
Free downloads designed just for our Faithfully Following community.

Mark your calendar now. We are asking God to meet you right where you are and trusting our amazing God to respond in ways that exceed our imaginations and expectations.

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