“Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
will thank you forever and ever,
praising your greatness from generation to generation.”
Psalm 79:13

Day 4: Aware and Grateful

Speaking to a circle of women, I said, “If God is good, and all that he made is good, and He works everything together for good, why do we have such a difficult time trusting that hard times can produce good?”
Many years ago I would have been the one sitting in the circle complaining about “hard times”. Now, with a strengthened faith and a heart always seeking for joy in the mundane (like laundry) I complain less and encourage more.

Every generation needs to know about the faithfulness of God.

We have a generation that needs to hear our praise.

Our children need to hear it slip from our mouths so their children can hear the same.

My granny was one to praise. Rarely did a negative word slip from her mouth. In her older years, her body failing, she smiled, she cheered others up and on, and she told me often of the goodness of God. But not as you might imagine. One story I remember went like this, “we would all hug and reunite at the unemployment line every winter”.
Her expressions of thankfulness fueled my desire to be aware and grateful of God and his goodness.

Who is your family has demonstrated daily gratitude?
“From generation to generation”?

Reflect and remember the people that have taught you, good or bad. For as many that have shown me gratitude and joy, there are others that have complained. Even I have been the complainer. Search your own heart today and ask God to give you an awareness of the spirit you reflect. If you see that there needs to be a change, begin today. That is exactly what this time together in study is for…developing an everyday attitude of gratitude that lasts 365 days.

~Blessings, Jodie

You are good and your mercy endures forever. We are grateful that you provide, even in the hard, you are present and you are good. Help us examine our hearts. Forgive when we get stuck in complaint. Let us rejoice and be glad in all circumstances.

#EverydayThanksgiving #AwareandGrateful

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