As winter session begins and we press on toward Keeping It Real, I find it necessary to ask myself what I want myself to accomplish and how I can help others accomplish their goals. If you are just joining us, give me a moment to catch you up a little. Last session we introduced Keeping It Real…in the chaos! And we strived to keep our faith walk real even when the world is pulling and pushing us in so many directions. We focused a lot on our own individual situations and studied making “Best Yes” choices all in an effort to keep Jesus first! As we embark on winter session we will continue the journey of Keeping It Real and now we will add…Rise and Shine!

rise and shine rays printable ♥

Winter session will largely be focused on shining our lights for Christ so that others see His light in this dark world! Our prayer is that this session will help us reach out to others around us that need love, encouragement and a place to grow closer to Christ. (click  to read more about winter session)

Today as I sat in a circle with a beautiful group of women that I affectionately like to call “Morning Girls” I noticed something…something glowing. And it was shining even prior to anyone mentioning Rise and Shine! Praise reports were being lifted and the warmth of the room was radiant! Prayer requests were presented and the love of concern was felt.

Then a beautiful testimony was being offered and it started with these words,

“I like lighthouses”!

(My ears were alert! )

“My husband gave me a certificate to visit Cape Henry Lighthouse. I climbed all 191 steps!…I haven’t been to Faithfully Fit in sometime, but I know when I was coming I was feeling and moving better…that is why I am back.”


The words continued and I watched as others were encouraged!

She is shining!

Laverne continued and explained how FF has helped and how she has another light house to conquer!

We had three instructors present on this first morning class of 2015 and we all smiled. You really get joy when God pulls things together in such a grand way! We want to help others with their goals…they never cease to help us! God brings us together and together is a beautiful place! You can be a part of that too!

morning class

Will you join us this winter? There are many ways!

Online, here at the blog.

Facebook, online encouragement and bible studies.

Locally, Faith and Fitness classes, and Pop-up bible studies!

Imagine, Lighthouses spread all over the globe…shining…encouraging…loving…supporting…praying…praising!

Lets, Rise and Shine, together, for God’s glory!

Let’s climb lighthouses! Let’s be lighthouses!



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