She was stuck behind a log truck trying to get to a 9am class and her students were waiting. The she wasn’t me, but I can just imagine the anxiety that was building. Well, if it were me anyway. I would be constantly looking for away around the truck blocking my progress and slowing me down.

Can I just say this about myself, I don’t like to be stuck. I really have trouble when I feel delayed. I just don’t wait well. I want to wait well. And then a thought came to my mind. What I now believe was a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Stuck or still?

When I feel stuck in a place that I don’t want to be stalled, is it really an opportunity to be still in a place where I need to rest and grow?

To be stuck or to be still. It’s my choice, our choice, or is it? I think it is at least an opportunity.

Being behind a log truck, late for a class, what can be the opportunity? Time to whisper a prayer to prepare our heart for where we are going. Just a simple opportunity to take time with God. But this prompting of stuck or still was deeper than this. My mind was revisiting times I’ve felt stuck in hard situations. Times when my marriage was struggling; times when I was waiting for healing; times when finances were uncertain. Times that tend to create anxiety and worry. Times when I have look for away around what seems to be blocking my progress toward the other side of hard.

When I choose to be still in those times of stuck God has done a work in me to remind me that I am not alone and I do not have to find my own way around the hard. Often He needs us still to do His own work in a situation and He asks us to trust in the wait.

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

It’s a commonly quoted and rarely practiced, at least in my life. I am a fixer, a doer, a controller. Uggh, I said it. But a closer look at Psalm 46 gives me great reason to be still and trust what I say I know about God.

“He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariots with fire.” Psalm 46:8-9

WOW! Stick me behind that God and let me be still. The other side looks promising and far better than anything I can accomplish alone. Where are you feeling stuck today?

In a difficult marriage?

In a dead end job?

Are you a parent waiting on the return of a prodigal?

Are you a friend wanting the restoration of a broken friendship?

Are you a wife longing to be a mother and facing infertility?

Are you battling cancer and longing for healing?

When we are stuck we can choose to let rest take over and be still with God.

There is a work that can occur in the stillness that is overlooked in the attitude of stuck.

There is a God that wins wars that wants to fight for you, not against you.

Be still.

In the still:

  • Read His word and ask Him to speak to your heart.
  • Surround yourself with others that have found rest in the Lord during the difficult.
  • Pray for His strength and peace to consume your heart while you trust Him to battle on your behalf.

In the stuck and yuck find the peace and the hope of the One who sees our every impossible and makes things possible.

Say goodbye to stuck and hello to still.

Blessings~ Jodie

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