New! New! It’s all brand new!

What is it about something new that makes us giddy with excitement? The smell? The look? The feel?

Funny thing is that it can even be something old that’s just new to me and I break into a smile and dance with joy!
That’s a little how I feel about our new space here on the World Wide Web. Our little space and place is new, but it’s still Donna and I sharing our hearts about this thing we affectionately call Faithfully Following. We just happened to lengthen our name to Faithfully Following Ministries and added a .ORG at the end.


Getting things ready around here has been a bit like moving into a new house. Packing boxes, marking them, deciding what to keep, what to toss.

Then hanging pictures and dusting the cobwebs so we could invite company! If you are reading this you are some of our first guests….WELCOME! We pray you like it here as much as we do.

We call it home and we love to have girlfriends over!

We call it ours and we love to share what’s ours with others!

You make this space worth all that it takes for it feel like home!

Take off your shoes, pour a cup of coffee, and stay a little while!

We look forward to sharing with you each week about things God is speaking into our hearts. You can expect us to:

  • Be real and honest about our struggles, our successes, our hopes, dreams, and even our failures!
  • Share good things! We feel the word of God is the absolute best thing to share with friends!
  • Sing, shout and dance! Yes, we love to have a good time for Jesus!
  • Pray for others, including all  of you who come to visit!

pop up



We hope you enjoy visiting with us often! Today we want to know you were here and we want to welcome you! Will you give us that opportunity by:

~Leaving a comment to say you stopped by! Tell us where you are from and how you found our home!

~Take a moment to subscribe to our new site so you will receive notifications of new posts.

~Visit our new facebook page and like it and invite your friends. It’s right over at

Just by stopping by today you have made our space feel more like home!

Blessings friends,

Jodie and Donna






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