It may not always be possible for you to Pop Up at my house when a bible study time presents itself…but you can always pop over to the blog for a recap!

And when we see your heart has been here we add you to a special list.

The “Forever FF girl” list!

Over four years ago God gave us a calling to start a ministry. You can see the story here:

And since that time, many seasons have passed, but one thing remains clear…God called, we answered, you’ve come and He says, “love the one’s that pop up, however they can!”

I say all that to say, if you are here, you are part of our heart and a Forever FF girl!


Last night it was time to pop-up a bible study again. We gathered around the scratchy dining room table to pray, discuss and study our “Thanksgiving To-Do List”.

God supplied the bullet points right out of Psalm 105.

Take a moment and study with us now!

psalm 105

A new Thanksgiving To-Do List

Think about your Thanksgiving “To-Do” list. We laughed as we realized how much we do at Thanksgiving to get ready for Christmas. Some of us putting up trees, looking at sales papers, making Christmas crafts with family. Examining Psalm 105 gave us a new list:

  • Thank Him: Acknowledge the faithfulness of the Lord and all He has done! Make Him known to others! It goes beyond I bullet list of gifts He has given. It is hands lifted high to say, You are amazing, faithful, strong, loving! You are God!
  • Call Him: As children of God we are given the gift of direct access to God. He can be on your speed dial! He wants to hear you say His name, request His help and admit your dependency on Him alone. (Read Psalm 34:6 and see how the poor man called out and was saved from ALL his trouble!)
  • Praise Him: Sing to Him girls! Lift your voices high! Jesus is our Salvation! Our Rock, Our Comfort, Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Help, Our Shelter, Our Love, Our King, Our Constant, Our Rock! Praise Him from the rooftops! Talk about Him to others so they may know Him. (Read Luke 19:40 and see that even the rocks will praise Him if we are silent!)
    • Seek Him: We search, we look, we google! All in hopes of finding the things that will fill us full. Seek HIM. Seek God. In His Word, through prayer, through others who love Him and by watching for His glory to be revealed. Seek Him and find Him! Seek Him and His strength!seek him

Is a new Thanksgiving to-do list popping into your mind? Look at the last item with us:

  • Remember: Take time the rest of November to remember. Remember. Who God is. What He has done. From the beginning. And what He promises unto the end. Eternal is He! Remember…

Remembering creates gratefulness. Remembering and giving thanks, singing praise, calling upon Him will prepare room in our hearts for Him during the season we seem to want to rush toward. So if you are rushing toward December with gusto, pause. Give thanks. Call Him. Praise Him. Seek Him. Remember Him. And if you must sing a Christmas song…”let every heart, prepare Him room”!

Hey, Forever FF girl! We see you popping up! We love you. We cherish you. We pray for you! We give thanks for you. We praise Him for you! You are a blessing to us this Thanksgiving season.

~ Jodie

pop up girls 21



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