Reference –  2 Samuel 6:14-23

Often, I study what our pastor has shared from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. It is a great way to begin a search and it can lead in many directions.

This week was no different. On Sunday, our pastor spoke on commitment…specifically on improving our commitment to time with God..making the most out of our relationship with Jesus. The first word to pop in my head? Undivided…so to the back of my Bible I went.

While searching for the word undivided…I came across the word undignified. And well….there’s a song for that! So, of course I had to see if there was scripture to correlate…and our never-failing God did not disappoint.

In 2 Samuel, David displays pure joy in praise as the ark of the covenant was brought into the tabernacle. He was so excited and involved in his praise that he did not even notice that he had accidentally exposed himself.

And that is when David’s true commitment was seen.

Michal, one of David’s wives, made fun of him and the way he worshiped; expressing a very critical attitude towards her husband. But in response to her criticism, David pointed out who was his King. David wanted to make sure that she understood that it was of no concern to him what people thought of his show of joy in his life because of the Lord. David had been chosen by the Almighty Himself. David had become undignified for the Lord.

You have been chosen by the Almighty too!

Oh, that we would become undignified as well….that we would place God before all…even the opinion of others!

Let’s go back to that whole commitment sermon thing…according to our pastor’s research we spend 0.7 years of our lifetime on “religion” – but we spend 4 years on dressing! (I used that because most of us girls do like some clothes)

What if we stopped worrying so much about what others thought and focused more on Him?

Girls, Jesus wants us….He wants the top, the bottom, the in, the out, the front, the back and everything in between. He sent His Son to love us through and through and He wants our undivided loyalty and worship.

Oh – to praise Him so much that we exposed ourselves…our shame, our past, our present, our secrets, our sin, our hearts…our WHOLE hearts. Lord, make me undignified today. Amen

“Give me an undivided heart that wants nothing more than to worship you!” Psalm 86:11b (paraphrased)


Linking today with the beautiful ladies at http://meredithbernard.com/

Linking today with the beautiful ladies at http://meredithbernard.com/

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