I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction. ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can’t get no, I can’t get no.”

Pardon me for using a Rolling Stones song to start a blog post about The Lord and all His goodness. But I think it works here. Here in this messed up world where we look all over hoping to find what we need and never finding what our souls are truly longing.


What is it and where is it really derived from?

I want to give that neat answer tied in a bow and I could. I trust the truth of God’s word and know that He can “fill my every longing”. But allow me to be very honest (It’s what you expect, right?). I trust that God can satisfy the empty places within me, but I still struggle to remember to always look to Him for fulfillment.

Rather than go to Him for nourishment, I stop by for dessert. You know, you eat the meal your body needs for fuel and then you decide, “I have dessert today”. This morning I opened my bible and I knew my heart was well, halfhearted. So I closed it and talked it over with God. Later I returned, and the pages were filling to me. I started the meal like my children do when I call them away from something they enjoy to come and eat dinner at the table. I came because I had to and I received very little.

My heart knew better. I went back because I wanted to dine with the King and enjoy the goodness of His rich meal. My soul longed to be filled and satisfied.

Approaching God’s table thirsty and hungry for His food is where we will find nourishment that satisfies.

Partaking because we know we should may benefit us. I will not deny that or suggest that we don’t commune with God every single day. In fact I can even tell you that on days when I have been “kicking and screaming” He has still been gracious enough to serve his finest with a side of patience and love. It’s who He is…unchanging, unfathomable, loving, and kind, each and every moment.

God can satisfy.

He can satisfy the droughts of a thirsty heart that has been battered and bruised.

He can fill the emptiness of a soul that has suffered loss and disappointment.

God stands, no, He bends down, and He opens up His hands to share love and compassion with His children. He bends down and we need only reach up and take hold of what He offers.

We long to be satisfied and the sad truth is that we look to the world all too often. We seek and we search, and we even pay for things we attribute to bring satisfaction, overlooking what the Provider of all good things offers. The Rolling Stones said, “and I try, and I try, and I try”.

What are we trying in place of what we need to grasp hold of and drink in deep and long?

Let us pull up a chair to His dining table. Let us dine with the King and be fully and completely satisfied.

Giving thanks~ Jodie


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