All throughout December, as we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth, we will be opening hearts and homes to you.

Today we hear from Lorri!

But first can I just share with you how Lorri became a Forever FF girl?

Prayer brought Lorri to Faithfully Following! Her prayers to stretch her family-based candle business further out into the world for Christ and my prayers for God to show me some encouragement one day. Those prayers together resulted in a phone call. A phone call, three years ago that resulted in a Forever FF prayer partnership! Lorri doesn’t share today about her 4 Foster’s Candles family business, but I want you all to know that they shine light for Christ everyday! Each candle they hand pour has scripture across the front, and despite retailers requests to have it removed, they stand firm in sharing God’s word. See their beautiful work at

Lorri at our annual This One's for the Girls conference sharing the light of Christ with all!

Lorri at our annual This One’s for the Girls conference sharing the light of Christ with all!

Now on to Lorri’s open heart and home!

Little people for my little people.

“For me, part of focusing on Christ during Christmas is making sure my kids know that Christmas is so much more than presents and decorations.

4 foster 2

I love decorating and getting out special things that evoke many memories.  On my daughter’s first Christmas, my Dad wanted to get something special for his first granddaughter.  I asked him to get her a Little People Nativity set, wanting her to have her very own nativity set that she could play with for years to come!

It wasn’t just about a pretty decoration, but about so much more.  We have used it to “play out” the story of Jesus’ birth. 

lorri 1

 Originally I would arrange all the pieces where I thought they should be and then let her move them.  Now, she arranges the pieces and has a little brother who also plays with the nativity set.  She tells him about Baby Jesus and what his birth means!

lorri 4

 This nativity has been and will always be part of our decorating and fondest memories.  Not just a decoration to look at and adore, but something to hold onto and treasure. 

Jesus is our treasure and the greatest gift we have been given!  Through this sweet Little People Nativity Set, I hope my little people will remember Christmas and all that is really means!”

This December, Lorri’s story helped me to see how early we can teach our children the beautiful story of Christ and furthermore how early in their life they too can tell the story! May we each treasure Jesus this advent season and celebrate Him in our hearts and homes!

Blessings sweet friends, Jodie

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