Prayer, worry, prayer, worry….it’s exhausting. A vicious cycle. I have stress and tension in my neck and shoulder, rest eludes me night. It was never meant to be this way.

Prayer, trust, prayer, trust. That’s more like it!

Today God reminded me of the things I know to be true but often let slip from my mind.

He hears our prayers and He will respond.

He will respond and He will exceed our expectations.

“…For the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping, The Lord has heard my supplication; The Lord will receive my prayer.” Psalm 6:8-9

Today God reminded me to

  • Present your requests to the Lord and trust Him to answer.
  • Be watchful for His answer.
  • Know that He understands your heart.
  • Laugh when you see His humor.

Allow me to explain that last part!

Once before a flight I asked many people for prayer. I was flying by myself in airports unknown and a bit nervous (to say the least). I prayed myself and still I was nervous boarding my first plane knowing that I had to change over in a busy airport.

My specific prayer went like this, “Lord, have angels present to watch over my flights”.

Did I mention I was nervous?

As I boarded my first plane I approached my seat and was a little confused. It was a row of three seats and mine was the middle. The window seat was already occupied….by a pilot! I chuckled to myself just a little, but at this point was really just wondering why a pilot would be flying coach.

The plane was packed, but the third seat in my row remained unoccupied almost until the last passenger boarded. I was actually considering that I would to slide over and couldn’t believe the luck!

But just at the last minute someone boarded.

Headed toward my row and took that last seat.

The passenger dressed in white looked at me and looked in the seat next to me and then spoke, “lucky you, sandwiched between two pilots”!

You had to laugh a little.

I responded, “I asked God for angels and he sent me pilots! You do have your wings, don’t you” ?

Most of the flight I spent reading and wondering how God could be so good and so real.  And laughing at His great sense of humor!

He understood my heart.

His goodness continued on my trip. The second pilot explained a map of the Atlanta airport to me and told me exactly which direction to turn as I got off the plane. He also reminded me to check the board to see if the gate had changed since I had checked it earlier before my flight….sure enough the gate had changed. My second flight was delayed slightly and I sat comfortably 1 minute before the planned boarding time…God assuring me that He was in control; not to worry, my prayers had been heard and answered!
By the way, I did inquire as to why the pilots were flying coach and not business class or first class. The response? “We used to be up there, but recently they changed that and we only get to be there if the seats are not full.”
Now tell me, is God listening, or what?
My travel plans and flight anxiety may seem minuscule in a world needing peace; when families need restoration, bodies needing healing, and babies needing shelter and food. God cares about all that concerns his people.
Let’s exchange the vicious cycle of prayer and worry for the victorious cycle of prayer and trust!
prayer and trust
Take your prayers to the Lord, believing that He is there and will answer. Then look for His response! Oh yeah, and laugh when you see His humor!
Know that He understands your heart.
Love to all- Jodie


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