The slow climb to the top of the hill just before the giant drop that sends you stomach to your knees and makes your heart drop was bad enough on every rollercoaster ride I’ve ever been brave enough to endure.

Then there was the flip!

The giant upside down flip that would lift my little frame out of my seat and make me think that I was going to simply die right then and there. I mean really, I stood in line for this feeling?

Yes. I did.

My whole world is spinning upside down.

Well at least it feels like it in my corner of the world.

And I’m just about at the top of the slow climb that leads to a very empty house.

Yes, I’m a mom that is getting ready to send her last bird out of the nest and into the “real world”. This drop feels ten times longer and more dangerous that any other and let’s not talk about the loops that are going to lift me from my seat.


He’s so good. He spoke right to this momma’s heart today.

“Am I only a God nearby,”
declares the Lord,
“and not a God far away?
Who can hide in secret places
so that I cannot see them?”
declares the Lord.
“Do not I fill heaven and earth?”
declares the Lord.”
Jeremiah 23:23-35

He is the God nearby and the God far away.


That means many things to my heart. But in this season of letting little birds fly from their nest it means that He will be right with my little sparrow. He fills heaven and He fills her earth. And He fills my earth. While the empty rooms of my home look void of sleepy heads He will be near and see me, hold me, and help me handle this upside down feeling.

What’s turning your world upside down?

Is it a cancer diagnosis, like my Aunt? Is it a heart that beating out of rhythm, like my prayer partners? Is it a marriage suffering, like my friends? Is it a child’s wayward behavior? A pile of bills that topple over? A hurt that won’t heal?

Your rollercoaster and mine may look different. But our God looks that same.

He is the God nearby and the God far away.

He is near enough to touch you and far enough to control your whole world. He works out the details of your every hour while holding the world in the palm of His hand. He is great, mighty, strong, and amazing but never too occupied to see and care for the lowly. He is nearby and far away, ready, willing, and able.
He is the one, true God.

And He see’s each slow climb, each steep drop, and every flip upside down. And He proclaims, “Am I only a God nearby…and not far away?”

Whatever rollercoaster you are facing today, He will be near, He will see you, He will hold you, and help you handle the upside down feeling!

Blessings ~ Jodie

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