1 Timothy 1:5 (TLB) "What I am eager for is that all the Christians there will be filled with love that comes from pure hearts, and that their minds will be clean and their faith strong."
1 Timothy 1:5 (TLB) “What I am eager for is that all the Christians there will be filled with love that comes from pure hearts, and that their minds will be clean and their faith strong.”

They pray.

Lord, may we be your instrument of salvation.

They follow.

Lord, wherever you lead. We will go.

They obey.

Lord, we yield to your will.

All because of love.

They love the Lord!      They love people!      They love God’s word!


They love to tell “The Story” and I can’t help but think of this song, when I think about them.

I love to tell the story
Of unseen things above
Of Jesus and His glory
Of Jesus and His love

And nothing else can do
Because I know it’s true

I love to tell the story
It’ll be my theme in glory
I wanna tell the world
Of Jesus and His love

I’d love to tell the story
It’ll be my theme in glory
For some have never heard
Of Jesus and His love. ~Ian Eskelin

It’s 5:00 am where they are. I see them in my mind’s eye; gently stirring and waking to start their day. The sun will probably be shining soon yet there, they are surrounded by a culture of darkness.

"I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness. " John12:46 NASB
“I have come into the world to be its light. So no one who believes in me will stay in darkness ”         John 12:46 (NIRV)

Hope does not live outside their door.

Instead trash lined streets, spiritual poverty, and people who worship a false god await them. 

Yet they press on for they know that they have been called to this place, for these people, for one purpose. To be the reflection of the living God and speak his words so that they will see His love shining for them.

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” ~ Psalm 63:3

God’s steadfast love is why this young mother will raise her son without the joy that comes from cousins and play dates with grandparents and family gatherings. His perfect love is why she will deliver her baby girl in a few months in an unfamiliar culture with foreign doctors. God’s never changing love is why this young husband will lead his family to minister to a dying nation. Some of which will reject them and persecute them. This family defines what it means to love your neighbor. And, I never paid much attention to anyone like them.

For years I have read articles and watched news programs that feature people in the mission field but never really understood the cost. At least not until I heard their story personally and was able to look them in the eye. To see their precious son and notice her “baby bump.”

It will cost them everything. Everything familiar, comfortable, and safe.

I wish I could tell you all that I know about what God is doing with this precious family. Oh, how I know it would encourage you and perhaps even convict you into some form of Christian action. Instead, I will just ask you to pray with me for their protection and that God will bless the work of their hands. They are in an undisclosed location but he knows right where they are. He sent them to be HIS LOVE!

That, my sisters, is what this love is about. That same love that reached down from heaven and grasped each of us by our hearts and spoke words we all didn’t deserve to hear.

“Do not be afraid.
    I will set you free.
I will send for you by name.
    You belong to me.  ~Isaiah 43:1


My life has forever been changed by watching this family’s bold faith and strong conviction to do all they can to reach others with the gospel. I cannot just say “I love” without action anymore. Can you?

Not all of us are called to the foreign mission field but we are all called to love.

The affection of love in our hearts is never truly complete until it becomes action in our lives. Love is intentional and it lives and moves through us so it can be seen, felt and heard by those around us.

It can be as simple as praying wherever you are for our missionaries and the field they are sent to harvest. It’s that tugging on your heart to show kindness to that one co-worker who seems to stand alone. I know you have felt it!  Or maybe it is more personal and it calls for you to set aside your fears and all that keeps you from calling that one person in your family who is lost and needs a savior. A Savior that doesn’t point his finger at them from heaven and condemn them but one who wants to save them just as they are. That’s the love that the world needs to hear about. 

Will you join me in being his LOVE?





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